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A patient was forcibly evicted from Al-Makassed Hospital yesterday… Management Alert!


In a statement released by Makassed Islamic Charitable Association, “The hospital administration wants to clarify the problems and irregularities that happened in the hospital premises last Friday. All, persistently, took the patient out by force. These two men were not satisfied, but deliberately asked the two doctors on duty to immediately disconnect the devices from the patient and take the serum needle attached to the main artery in the neck of the hospitalized patient.

The statement added: “Despite the efforts of the security personnel and under the watchful eyes of the doctors and nurses on duty at the hospital, the patient was discharged from the hospital together with these two persons in a defiant, forceful and provocative manner. The man in charge of guarding the entrances of the hospital along with a private security firm confronted the two men but, unfortunately, after they failed to stop them, the military intelligence team that arrived at the scene managed to arrest one of the men involved. Some of the friends of the attackers gathered in front of the hospital premises, especially near the main entrance of the hospital, shouting abuse and insults. Soon, one of them deliberately fired a gun at the emergency entrance gate. The hospital sustained heavy property damage, causing chaos and panic to accelerate in and around the emergency entrance. In the face of this overwhelming confusion and indifference, the hospital’s emergency medical and nursing team chose to leave. Return to the emergency department and more. Safe and secure.”

The Association pointed out that in the face of these incidents that repeatedly, from time to time, openly attack Makastu Hospital and its staff, we can once again raise our voice to protect the Lebanese security and military forces. This company strives hard to provide medical services.” We are dedicated to our people in Beirut and neighboring provinces, with our full commitment to help our financially difficult patients, we will spare no effort. Despite all the difficult situations we are going through.

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Makassed Hospital, in view of these accusations and cheap nonsense, affirmed that “unless he can and avoids the freedom of any patient, before, later, or now, instead of paying the amount owed to him,” it affirmed. Humane and medical towards our patients. We consider them very important and will not discourage us from continuing the journey.” Priorities of our work and fundamentals of our work. At the same time, and considering all these, we all know that the Maqasid is very interested in the Zakat funds given to him, which are spent in one of the legitimate banks for Zakat, and spent from them in the hospital for those in need. Therefore, when we ask for a pledge to pay the balance, it is because we must do it before God and before the scavengers who help the needy and needy without others, and confirm it before helping. For one amount, they claim that the amount they receive from patients is not enough to pay their dues and promise to return to pay the balance, but sometimes they deny any kind of commitment knowing the prices of Makastu Hospital. Very cheap in the region, and carefully studied so that it can easily achieve its mission for its community.

The Makassed report concluded: “We finally warn that such actions will force the closure of the hospital, a result of the inability to pay dues to suppliers and workers, leaving the entire region without access to the hospital, and then by closing the schools of the Mahasangham in the area, until we reach an impasse.” We will not resort to it.

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