August 17, 2022

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A photo reveals that Damer Hosni was involved in a horrific accident

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Egyptian singer Damer Hosni has settled the media controversy surrounding himself over the past few days, following reports of an accident and coma.

Yesterday, Hosni released a collection of photos from the shooting of his new film “I Love You” on his personal account on Instagram, indirectly confirming rumors circulating about his health.

Commenting on the star’s pictures, he said, “Good evening to the people who are most precious to my heart. These are the pictures taken during the first two days of shooting for our new movie (I Love You).”

He added: “Of course, there are those who read the name of the film with your love and people will read it with your love. This is definitely the purpose, because we are always looking for in the drama of the film. In chaotic situations. “

And he continued, “There’s definitely laughter in the film, but in a completely romantic setting, not much of it.”

She expressed a sense of joy and pride in participating in “Today’s Beautiful Star and the Future Here, Zahid”, noting that she was the first to discover her at the beginning of her life and that the new film will rediscover her. .

Artist Hamdi al-Margani was praised for his outstanding performance in the new work, as well as artist Mehdad Ismail, who joined the art group, describing his role as “honey dress”.