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Diana Haddad: The global village brought the world together


Lebanese artist, Diana Haddad, performed the second concert in the 28th season of Global Village, one of the most important cultural parks in the world and the first family destination for culture, entertainment and shopping in the area. The concert yesterday, which brought together the Lebanese star and “DJ” Bliss, saw a large audience of fans of Western and Eastern fusion rhythms and fans of the Lebanese star who were keen to sing. In many Arabic dialects.
The star, Diana Haddad, appeared in her black leather dress, to the loud rhythm of the song “La Vista”, full of a festive atmosphere, from which it moves to a group of her songs, including “Ya Ibo” with a fast Lebanese rhythm. ” and “Amania”. The concert also included a group of old songs in the Gulf dialect, including “Jabauli Mas Wa Luli,” “If They Ask Me,” and “Something in My Mind,” in addition to his performance of artiste Samira Tawfiq's song, “Bisk Taji Our Neighborhood,” the audience. interacted with its Bedouin rhythm.
Haddad was keen to create unique visuals during the ceremony, particularly through the dance troupe, who shared the stage with unique paintings. Haddad didn't end his concert without singing his most beautiful and recent songs, including “We Don't Continue,” “Yamk Masaji,” and “Ya Thayar,” ending the concert with the song. “Here.”
On her return to the Global Village Theatre, Diana Haddad told Emirates Today: “I'm back at the Global Village Theater after my last appearance seven years ago, and what makes the Emirati audience different is that it's international, so we find all the Gulf nationals in one concert.” And Arabic, this combination is very beautiful and it is a beautiful picture of Dubai. Personally, I love visiting the Global Village because it embodies this concept and brings the world together. “
Commenting on the selection of songs for this concert, he added: “I was keen to combine the old songs that the audience always hears with the new ones. As the global village unites the world, I was keen to diversify the dialects I sang, starting with Egyptian, Lebanese, Iraqi, Gulf, Moroccan and Algerian. I enjoyed the audience's conversation with mixed Arabic and all dialects. .”
Haddad pointed out that he deliberately placed some dance sketches during the festival because they add to the beauty of the festival, because they carry within them the concept of diversity, and each theater and each audience must provide the same atmosphere. The artiste is keen to perform Samira Taubeek's song in every concert she gives, noting that she has grown into her voice, considers herself a role model in the art, and is also a close friend of hers. , apart from the fact that in our time there is no one who sings the Bedouin song presented by Samira Tawfiq. .

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Different rhythms

“DJ” Bliss gave his first concert at the front of the family and entertained attendees with a bouquet of popular remixes of his concerts for about an hour before Diana Haddad appeared in the audience. Bliss incorporated a variety of rhythms, including Western, Arabic and Indian, and the segment he presented saw great interaction from the Global Village audience as he relied on delivering the latest songs loved by the young audience as well as old songs etched in memory. Ramadan is not without Gulf rhythms in its category, with the most popular artists including Amr Diab, Nancy Ajram and Mohamed.

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