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A pioneer in the study of the sun .. The death of astronomer Eugene Parker


Eugene Parker, the American astronomer who specialized in the sun and first developed the theory of the existence of solar wind, has died at the age of 94, the U.S. space agency (NASA) announced Wednesday.
The latter distinguished his skills in applied mathematics, and he was regarded as one of the most important pioneers in the field of solar physics, the study of the sun and its structure.
In 2018, Parker attended the publication of a research study bearing his name.
Noting that Angela Olendo, dean of the College of Physics at the University of Chicago, died Tuesday, Parker said she was “a legendary figure” in the field of science.
A university official, who joined late, noted that “his vision of the sun and the solar system was far from its time.”
Olendo refers to the paper he submitted in 1958, which, using advanced calculations, was the phenomenon of solar wind, a series of streams of particles emanating from the sun, an invention that initially rejected the face.
The first person to review Parks’s science essay in 2018 said, “Well, I think he should explore this before he goes to the library and writes an article about it, because (his research) is nonsense.”
However, Parker’s study results were confirmed by a 1962 NASA study of direct observation of the solar wind.
It has been established by scientists today that the solar wind wipes out all the planets in the solar system and protects them from dangerous radiation.
Small explosions in the sun are delayed in the context of the idea of ​​”nanoflares”, which explains the heat of the solar corona, which is hotter than its surface.
An award-winning Parker, he was an Emeritus professor at the University of Chicago.
The Parker study, named after him and launched in 2018, was successful in approaching the sun in an unprecedented way and sent a large amount of data to researchers that contributed to many discoveries, especially about space weather.

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