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A Quantum Leap in the Emirates Sports Field with the Support of the Fujairah Ruler – UAE Top Stories


Video photos of Mahboob. Fujairah, 10 August / WAM / His Excellency Nasser Al Yamahi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fujairah Sports Club Until the moment when our country celebrates its fiftieth year, the Emirate of Fujairah has played a significant role in establishing the federation. From this interest and support …


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Fujairah, 10 August / WAM / His Excellency Nasser Al Yamahi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fujairah Sports Club Until the moment when our country celebrates its fiftieth year, the Emirate of Fujairah has played a significant role in establishing the federation. This interest and support goes to his superior Sheikh Hamad bin Mohammed Al Sharqi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Fujairah, for all sports buildings in the Emirate, including the Fujairah Sports Club and the Youth and Sports Department.

Al Yamahi said – in an exclusive interview with Emirates news agency “WAM” – that over the past fifty years, Fujairah has hosted and hosted a number of international tournaments, which marked a turning point in Emirates’ experience in winning world champions. And good organization of national teams and sporting events .. These include the U-17 Junior FIFA World Cup Finals, Fujairah Arabian Horse Championship, Fujairah International Taekwondo Championship, Fujairah International Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship, World Boxing Championship, Asian, World Chess Troubleshooting Championship, World Chess World Cup, International Women’s Tennis Championships and two World Cups Open Water Swimming Grand Prix, World Powerboat Championship Class 1, World Fishing Championship, Formula 2 World Boat Championship, X-Cade World Powerboat Championship Swimming World Cup and other Asian and local championships.

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In an interview with WAM, Al Yamahi recalled the stages of founding the Fujairah Sports Club and said it began in the late sixties of the twentieth century by a group of young people interested in football competing with various players. Until the club was officially announced in 1968 in Fujairah, the ambitions of the youth in the emirate were launched through this sports palace after the merger of the three teams, Al-Fujairah Club, Al-Dadaman Club and Al-Fidiya. The club renamed itself “Ahly Al-Fujairah Club” and later changed its name to Al-Fujairah Sports Club.

Al-Yamahi added that the field of sports during that period saw a qualitative change in Emirate history because Fujairah’s government set aside land to build a club building near the sea, and its playgrounds were covered with sand, including football, handball, volleyball and many other sports, including basketball. In addition to sports, the club was involved in tournaments and tournaments during that period, which provided the opportunity to meet players from various emirates across the country in a competitive environment.

The club has made significant achievements in the sporting history of the Emirate of Fujairah, and the development of the sports movement in the Emirate during that period was marked by the emergence of new sports, which attracted many young people to train.

Al-Yamahi praised Sheikh Hamad bin Mohammed al-Sharqi, a member of the Supreme Council and ruler of Fujairah, and his high-ranking Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad bin Mohammed al-Sharqi, Fujairah’s crown prince of sports and youth, the late ruler of Fujairah al-Shaykh al-Shaykh. In addition to the attention Sharki gave him, God will have mercy on him. They also urge successful athletes to participate in various competitions and sporting events and to motivate them to continue and diligently provide sports facilities, the latest of which is the new Thiba Al-Fujairah Club, which has a total cost of around 100 million dirhams and its stadium Distributed to approximately 10,000 viewers. And second classes. Second.

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Nasser Al Yamahi praised the efforts of Sheikh Maktoum bin Hamad Al Sharqi, President of Fujairah Sports Club, who is keen to follow all the details at the club and has made a quality improvement in the sport at Fujairah Emirates. He worked to integrate the club’s advanced infrastructure by developing long-term plans for the club’s role in the local championship until the football team rose to the professional level. He then ordered the Egyptian Al-Ahly Club to organize a public match. The late Argentina was coached by Maradona at the time and saw a large public influx inside and outside the country.

Over the past fifty years, many sports clubs have opened, including the Al-Oruba Sports Club, founded in 1972, the Thiba Al-Fujairah Sports Club, founded in 1976, and the Fujairah Marine Sports Club. It opened in 1999, with the Fujairah Chess Club established in 1993 and the Fujairah Tennis Club established in 1993. It was established in 2003 by order of the Fujairah Martial Arts Club of Fujairah. It was announced in 2013, and by order of Emery, His Highness, ruler of Fujairah No. 2, Fujairah Shooting and Equestrian Club 1999.

The establishment of the Saeed Sports Complex is an important milestone in the history of sports in the Fujairah Emirate, with a total area of ​​178,300 square meters. Since its inception, Taekwondo has witnessed many international competitions, including Jiu-Jitsu. , In addition to choosing it as a headquarters for karate and fitness competitions, camps for various sports teams and teams.

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