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A researcher at the American University of Sharjah is developing 3D printing technology for concrete


The construction of a villa was completed in collaboration with the Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park.

Sharjah: “The Gulf”

Dr. Adel Al-Tamimi, a researcher and professor of civil engineering at the American University of Sharjah, is conducting research on the applications of robotics technology in 3D printing of concrete in construction.

As the construction sector plays an important role in the economic development of the UAE, we are conducting research on 3D printing of concrete as one of the means of automating this industry to improve productivity, safety and sustainability. Speed, customization and cost.”

In the context of the UAE’s bid to become a global hub for 3D printing, Dr Al-Tamimi worked at the Civil Engineering Laboratory at the University to develop a semi-automated system to conduct research experiments and prepare composite concrete samples. Various tests use this system to evaluate the quality of concrete mixes. Most research on them uses hand extrusion, a process of shaping different materials by forcing them to take the shape of specific designs under high pressure. Today, however, Dr. Al-Tamimi focuses more on the use of semi-automated systems in college laboratories.

Dr. Al-Tamimi works with 10 graduate students participating in his research and publishes several articles on this research.

The results of Dr Al-Tamimi’s research included building a villa with 3D printed concrete. University of Sharjah, Haider Al-Haydari, appointed by the Institute. Met Construction, in association with SABI Construction, to oversee the construction of the villa. It is a process in which many engineering students participate, providing them with a hands-on training opportunity.

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Several research projects have also been conducted under Dr. Al-Tamimi’s umbrella, which he has supervised and led to other industry collaborations. This research includes two 2020 graduate projects, the movement of robotic arms used to coat concrete, concrete retaining its light color longer, and removal of airborne toxins, and two master’s theses on concrete in 2020 and 2021. 3D printing of multi-layer structural beams. .

Aiming to improve his research on local industries, Dr. Al Tamimi has used robotic arms in extruding concrete, redesigning print heads/nozzles, integrating printing mechanisms into equipment on construction sites, and using fibers to improve extrusion strength.

Dr Al-Tamimi said, “We continue to welcome collaboration with government agencies and the private sector to work on guidelines for the structural integrity, safety and long-term performance of 3D printed concrete to facilitate the widespread use of this automated industry. .”

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