March 29, 2023

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A Russian doctor reveals the “secret weapon” of the immune system


Sputnik Alexei Savostin

Walking boosts immunity

Dr. Philip Kozmenko announced that there are three steps to increase immunity when the air temperature drops, to prevent colds and viral infections.

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What is the use of walking barefoot?

In an interview with Radio Sputnik, the doctor noted that vaccination against serious diseases such as “Govit-19” and influenza is the best way to protect the body. Therefore, when the impact of these diseases increases, autumn is the main method and first step to maintaining health.

He says, “The main recommendation is the need for a vaccine because it is a comprehensive exercise vaccine for the immune system, which then prevents germs from entering the body. Therefore, I advise everyone to get vaccinated against” Govit-19 “and the flu.”

He added that the body’s ability to fight the virus that spreads in the fall can usually be enhanced by drinking certain beverages and eating plenty of fruit.

He says, “You can take tea with honey, lemon or ginger. You can also take cocoa. Eating fruits, especially those high in vitamin C, all of these ingredients help prevent these diseases.”

He says, “Walking is the secret weapon that boosts the work of the immune system in the body. Therefore, a person should walk at least five thousand steps a day, on the contrary, the immune system is weak and tired.”

The doctor specifies the use of masks, social distance and personal hygiene – the need to adhere to prescribed procedures and restrictions.

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“Of course you have to stay away from the sick,” he said. “One last piece of advice is to wash your hands before touching your face and eating.”

Source: RIA Novosti