June 5, 2023

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A smart bandage that precisely delivers drugs to wounds and accelerates tissue repair!

Smart Bandage is very helpful for people suffering from diabetes

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Researchers have developed a ‘smart bandage’ that can precisely deliver medicine to wounds, monitor wound healing and speed up tissue repair.

Researchers at the California Institute of Technology and medical engineering graduate students at the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California reviewed their findings in the journal Science Advances, and were reported by several media outlets.

According to the researchers, the smart bandage is particularly useful for people suffering from diabetes, which often stops or prevents the wound healing process and can lead to more serious conditions.

And the smart bandage is made of a flexible polymer that contains integrated electronics and drugs, reports “UPI” news agency.

Sensors in electronics can detect molecules such as uric acid or lactate, conditions such as pH level or temperature of a wound, and indicate inflammation or bacterial infection.

The device wirelessly transmits data from the wound to a nearby computer or smartphone for review by the patient or medical professional, as well as the ability to deliver antibiotic or other medication stored within the dressing directly to the wound. Also, a low-level electric field to induce rapid healing is a key feature of the invention.

In animal models at the California Institute of Technology, under laboratory conditions, smart bandages have shown the ability to provide real-time updates on injury conditions, and the results are promising.

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Future research will focus on improving the bandage technology and testing it in human patients, if it passes trials, for later approval.