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A smart iPhone holder provides flexibility in creating content that follows the user's movement


Belkin unveiled a unique smart stand for iPhones at the CES 2024 Consumer Electronics Show. This stand is called the Auto-Tracking Stand Pro, and it's distinguished by its ability to automatically track the user's movement while recording videos or making video calls. This smart stand is an important innovation that offers creators content in a flexible and easy way.

The Auto-Tracking Stand Pro makes perfect use of DockKit's automated object tracking, an application programming interface that effortlessly tracks users' movement. This smart holder allows for vertical or horizontal video recording and has up to 360-degree viewing angle and up to 90-degree tilt angle using the iPhone's front or rear camera. Thanks to DockKit's object recognition technology, the smart stand can track users' movements and keep them in view at all times.

This innovative accessory is compatible with iPhone models that support MagSafe wireless charging technology, starting with the iPhone 12. So, the Auto-Tracking Stand Pro provides 15W wireless charging for iPhones while creating content and making video calls. The Smart Stand has a rechargeable battery that provides up to five hours of use for the needs of creators on the go, as well as a motion-tracking push button and LED indicator that shows the stand's operating status.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Auto-Tracking Stand Pro work on any iPhone?

The Auto-Tracking Stand Pro is compatible with iPhone models that only support MagSafe wireless charging technology, starting with the iPhone 12.

How much does the Auto-Tracking Stand Pro cost?

The Auto-Tracking Stand Pro costs around $180 (equivalent to 5,500 Egyptian pounds) and will be sold via Belkin's official website.

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