February 4, 2023

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A strain discovery of a corona virus linking the characteristics of “beta” and “delta” strains in Russia



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Last summer, biologists announced that Russia and Germany had begun the spread of a new strain of the corona virus, combining major mutations in its genetic “beta” and “delta” strains.

Scientists have released details of the new tripin in the online journal bioRxiv.

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An article in the magazine noted that a new strain appeared in Russia last February. However, it began to spread rapidly last May and June. The genome of the strain includes many mutations characteristic of “beta” and “delta” strains and is resistant to outbreaks and vaccines.

Within a year and a half of the global epidemic, several minor mutations in the corona virus gene were reported. Some of them never affect the reliability of the virus, while others increase the speed at which the virus spreads to the entire planet.

Scientists fear that new, previously unknown strains of the corona virus will soon appear, which will have the superior ability to resist vaccines and antibodies produced by survivors of “Covit-19”. These strains combine mutations that increase the speed of the eruption on the one hand, and on the other hand suppress the immune system.

In their scientific research, a team of researchers led by Professor Paula Saulcol of the University of Maastricht (Netherlands) revealed one of the first signs of such a development. “Beta” strain that counteracts the effect of vaccines and antibodies.

According to scientists, the eruption of the “delta” and “alpha” strains began to increase the number of carriers of this strain in Moscow and other parts of Russia, as well as in Germany early last summer. This means that this type of mutation B.1.1.523 may be dangerous to humanity. Scientists and physicians around the world should eagerly follow its spread.

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Source: TASS