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A teaser video for Resident Evil 4 Remake introduces the iPhone, iPad and Mac version.


Published by the company Capcom A new Japanese teaser video for the iPhone, iPad and Mac version of the horror and action remake Resident Evil 4 left many in awe when it was released sometime in the first quarter of 2023.

A teaser video has revealed the features of the new version of the survival horror game that will be released on Apple devices in a few days. Resident Evil 4 Remake will be available on iOS and Mac systems from December 20 and will be delivered in a big way. The number of customization options, especially for the controls on its face, can be managed by users on smartphones and tablets by connecting an external controller via touch screens or via Bluetooth radio waves.

Knowing that this portable version won’t be all that different, as it supports cross-buy and cross-save features, will allow players to buy it once and use it freely on different Apple devices after switching. One device is another according to need or situation.

Widely acclaimed by players and critics alike, Resident Evil 4 Remake received rave reviews and widespread satisfaction. Experts consider it a quality improvement over the original game released in 2005 as a GameCube exclusive. Control, visuals, game mechanics or even some unique additions gave the remake its special color without deviating from the character of the original game, which was considered a masterpiece in its time and remains so to this day!

This has encouraged the developing company to continue on the path of remake games of its classic games that are deeply loved in all parts of the world, and fans of the series are hoping to see a remake of the first part when it started, but probably the stage is now in the fifth part, which many expect to be the next remake in the works list. Kaboom, let’s wait and see.

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