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A terrible fall for Muhammad al-Qaidi. His legs betray him and scare Ramis and the crew (VIDEO)


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homeland – Controversial Egyptian writer and journalist Mohamed El-Qaidi was a guest on “Ramez Never End” presented by artist Ramez Jalal and shown on MBC Egypt and Shahid Stage during the current Ramadan season.

An episode of Muhammad Al-Qaidi with Ramiz Jalal

Like other guests of the program, Muhammad al-Qaidi did not escape the mockery of Ramez Jalal, who, when introduced to him, began to say: “Welcome, Qaidi, you have enlightened my home.

And he added sarcastically about Mohammed al-Qaidi’s appearance: “Oh, a black day.. Drummer, Zadan.. What outfit?

And he continued: “What shirt is this, O Ghiti, this is the shirt of Najjar, O Zadan.” And he continued: “I bring your right, Professor Muhammad Fadel.

Al-Qaidi appeared in the restaurant flying with fear and dismay, and after the chair began to shake from under him, his fear and terror increased, and he almost fainted and began to scream.

Here, Ramez Jalal went to his guest and said: “Muhammad, my ghetto, has missed Hazara and come to set it on fire.” The second told him that he expressed shock and surprise at what he had discovered: “Why, son, like that.”

Ramez Jalal continued in his famous phrase in the print of The Flying Restaurant: “I warn you that any attempt to escape from Bir Malush will be expected, an end … Ramez I do not want when it will not end.”

The Shocking Fall of Muhammad al-Qaidi

Recognition and Apology of Muhammad al-Qaidi

Ramez Jalal called Muhammad Al-Qaidi a level of transparency by carrying an electric baton and asked him, “If he knew about the mischief before he fell into it or not.” The camera denies his knowledge of mischief.

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Ramez told al-Qaidi: “You must admit that you hurt Professor Muhammad Fadel and exposed him to criticism.”

Al-Qaidi laughed and replied: “You are evil.” Fadel was criticized for his work, but he said it was a beautiful criticism.

Also, Muhammad Al-Qaidi admitted that director Muhammad Fatal was subjected to a criticism campaign after presenting the series “Naguib Al-Rihani” and he apologized to him through the program.

Al-Khaiti began clapping as he repeated the show’s refrain: “Ramez Jalal is the star of Dok-Duk.

Ramez Jalal taunts Muhammad al-Qaidi, who surprises him by talking about Naguib al-Rihani.
Ramez Jalal taunts Muhammad al-Qaidi, who surprises him by talking about Naguib al-Rihani.

A terrible fall for Muhammad al-Qaidi, he was almost seriously injured

After the prank was over, Al-Qaidi appeared outside the flying restaurant trying to grab Ramez Jalal to hit him, when he suddenly stumbled and fell to the ground in a shocking scene.

Al-Qaidi’s sudden and unexpected fall left Ramez Jalal and the show’s crew fearing that the guest might suffer injuries.

But al-Qaidi, despite the gravity of the fall, quickly gets up again and resumes his run after Ramez, and in the next scene they appear to embrace.

Commented by Ramez Jalal

At the end of the chapter, the artist, Rameez Jalal, in his documented account “FacebookA picture of him with al-Qaiti from the episode’s footage, commenting on it, “Dangerous al-Qaiti saw bitter agony.”

Who was Muhammad al-Qaidi?

Mohamed Al-Qaidi is an Egyptian playwright and media writer, born in 1963.

He started his career with art in 1998 when he wrote the screenplay and dialogue for his first serial “Mahkamad Al-Layali” directed by “Amr Abdeen”.

After that, his theater work continued as he scripted and wrote several Egyptian drama series including “After the Flood”, “A Woman in Shaq Al-Taban”, “A Woman Crying”, “From a Woman”. This Time” and “Escape from the West” in 2009.

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