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A traveler from Egypt .. The first infection caused by the new corona strain in Belgium


Today, Friday, Belgium recorded the first outbreak with the latest mutation of the corona virus, the first in Europe in general.

And Health Minister Frank Vandenbrook announced at a press conference that the victim was, according to the AFP report.Revised P.1.1.529 He was returning from Egypt because he had not been vaccinated.

He explained that the patient’s tests were positive on November 22 and without providing further details, the patient had not previously been diagnosed with Govt’s disease.

However, he pointed out that “the mutant is suspected and we do not know whether he is very dangerous or not.” However, as a precautionary measure, Europe will suspend flights from South African countries. He added that since these measures are purely precautionary, do not panic.

He also pointed out that the Belgian Covit Risk Assessment Committee was investigating the situation.

Well-known Belgian epidemiologist Mark von Ronst wrote on Twitter, “The victim returned from Egypt on November 11.”

Suspension of trips

It comes in Alert around the worldScientists are concerned about the discovery of a new mutant with dozens of mutations, after several countries stopped flying to countries on the brown continent.

The European Commission has recommended that EU countries suspend travel to and from South Africa.

‘Need weeks’

As the system reveals Global health He expressed his concern, stressing that it would take several weeks to understand the nature of the latest mutation. A spokesman said it would take “several weeks” to understand the extent and severity of the spread of the new mutation.

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“Nearly 100 rows of altered strains have been reported, and early analysis shows that they contain a large number of mutations that require study,” he pointed out.

At the same time, however, he did not recommend stopping flights from African countries, considering that such action should be based on scientific evidence.

It is noteworthy that a new mutation was discovered in South Africa after scientists in the country, Gauteng, a densely populated province, reported that there was a high number of mutations and that it was spreading rapidly among young people.

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