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A video that shakes Morocco.. A woman gives birth in a hospital garden


A video that shakes Morocco.. A woman gives birth in a hospital garden

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In a scene that sparked widespread outrage in Morocco, a pregnant woman was forced to give birth on a public street and in public after hospital medical staff refused to deliver the baby, prompting health officials to launch an investigation.

The hospital refused to admit her

The details are that a pregnant woman went to a government hospital in Yusupia to give birth, but the medical staff refused to accommodate her and told her to come later saying that her due date was not yet there, but the delivery surprised her immediately. After she leaves, he urges her to deliver her baby in the hospital garden.

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Social media activists circulated a videotape in which a pregnant woman gave birth on the floor of a hospital garden with the help of some people.

widespread condemnation

The scene sparked widespread condemnation on social media pages, where activist Fathi Dijani posted in a post that the hospital’s health workers were negligent and failed to provide the necessary aid and endangered the lives of a woman and her newborn baby. Please inform this hospital that those responsible for these abuses and negligence should be held accountable, especially when such incidents are repeated in this hospital.

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In response to this, today Tuesday, the Minister of Health and Social Security, Khalid Ait Taleb, decided to launch an investigation into the circumstances and circumstances of the incident, sent a central investigation team to the hospital and submitted a report to the ministry. Necessary actions and decisions should be taken.

Reveal the details of the incident

To put an end to the ongoing controversy, the woman appeared in a video clip in which she explained the details of the incident, the doctor, after examining her, told her to walk a little until her due date, but the delivery surprised her right after leaving the hospital, forcing her to stay at her place and give birth in the garden. Forced, she was accompanied by medical staff to ensure that the rest of the birthing procedures were completed and that she and her daughter were well.

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