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A young man rented a car for Dh300 and kept it for 295 days – UAE Breaking News


A young man rented a vehicle from a car rental company for 300 dirhams and owned it for 295 days and subsequently refused to pay the rent, while the Abu Dhabi Commercial Court ordered the defendant to pay 54,740 dirhams. Plaintiff Company, with late interest at 5% per annum.

In detail, a car rental company filed a lawsuit against a young man, demanding that he pay 54,240 dirhams and 2,000 dirhams as compensation to the plaintiff. He was also ordered to pay interest at the rate of 5% from the date of his refusal to pay, and was liable to pay fees, costs and attorney's fees, noting that the defendant had rented a vehicle from them. Pay the remaining rent and delinquencies on the vehicle.

For its part, the court explained in the merits of its judgment that through a lease agreement concluded between the two parties, the defendant rented the vehicle from the plaintiff for 300 dirhams per day, which remained the same. 295 days from the date of its return as stated in the lease agreement, in the absence of which the defendant shall appear to present any plea or argument in the suit or prove that he has paid the value of the fare or conveyance. Violations for which he is liable.

The court pointed out that the value of the rental as agreed by both parties was 88 thousand 500 dirhams and found that the defendant had paid 36 thousand 660 dirhams, leaving the remaining balance of 51 thousand 840 dirhams, which was not proven to have been paid to the plaintiff, while the vehicle was rented with 6 violations worth 2,400 dirhams and the plaintiff's Obligation to pay value. Those breaches, as he is the owner of the vehicle and is liable for the breach during his possession, the total value of the vehicle hire contract is 54 thousand 240 dirhams.

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Regarding the claim for damages, the court pointed out that it was established that the defendant did not pay the amount of rent and traffic violations, which proves the element of fault in the contractual liability and its connection with the damage caused to the plaintiff. The court ruled that the plaintiff had not benefited from her rights up to the date on which she was entitled to claim compensation, and that the plaintiff should pay the plaintiff 54 thousand 240 dirhams plus late interest. 5% per annum thereon, from the due date until full payment, not exceeding the original amount of the debt, and the defendant shall pay the plaintiff 500 dirhams in damages, for the damages she has suffered, and oblige the defendant to pay the costs, the suit and other claims are dismissed.

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