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بيراميدز يغلق الباب أمام الزمالك: عبدالله السعيد غير معروض للبيع

Abdullah al-Saeed is not for sale

Release Date:
September 14, 2021 17:01 GMT

Update Date: September 14, 2021 18:35 GMT

The Pyramids have decided to sign former captain Abdullah al-Saeed for the Egyptian squad for the current relocation.

Mammooth Eid, CEO of the Pyramids Club, rejected the idea of ​​giving the pyramids player Abdullah al-Saeed, Jamalek or any other team.

“Abdullah al-Saeed will not leave the pyramids and the player will continue with us until the end of the contract,” Eid al-Qa’eda’s new coach, Ihab Qalal, told a news conference.

He added, “There are no talks with Jamalek regarding Abdullah al-Saeed.”

He continued, “There is nothing wrong with selling.”

Abdullah al-Saeed stressed, “The team captain and the club’s ambition with him is excellent, so consistent, and there is absolutely no room for him to leave for any reason.”

He concluded: “The door to players leaving in the coming season is closed due to the club’s desire to build a strong team that will win all championships.”

Hussein Labib, Jamal’s leader, had previously said that his administration was in talks with the pyramids to seek the services of Abdullah al-Sayyid.

Abdullah al-Sayyid’s contract with the pyramids lasts until the end of the 2023 season.

It is noteworthy that Abdullah Al-Saeed signed contracts with Jamalek 3 years ago during Morta Mansour’s board of directors.

But after Mortada’s statements, the deal was not finalized, and after extending his contract with al-Saeed al-Ahly with the support of adviser Turki al-Sheikh, he left the red team to join the Finnish Cup, then went to al-Ahly in Saudi Arabia, and returned from him to the Pyramids.

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Today, at noon on Tuesday, the Jamalek Club officially announced the signing of Tunisian right-back Hamdi El-Nakas following the cancellation of his contract with Tunisian Esperance Sportive.

Al-Nakas has signed for Jamalek for three seasons, from next season, becoming White Fort’s third contract in preparation for the new season.

Jamalek had previously signed al-Masri al-Portside striker Omar Kamal Abdel Waheed and Aswan defender Mahmoud Shabana. Strengthen the team.