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Abir Sabri: I love stereotypical roles


Cairo: Hosam Abbas

Egyptian actress Abeer Sabri continued her unique and strong presence in drama last Ramadan, she participated in the series “Kamila” and this work was a significant success beyond her expectations. Surprisingly, the character of “Nermin” played by Abeer, despite being an evil, selfish and arrogant woman, won appreciation from the audience for her character. She’s excited about it because, as she says, it’s a weird combination.

In this interview with him, he talks about more than one movie he recently participated in, and he talks about his personal life and the rumors that plague him from time to time.

Abeer Sabri Says: What is really surprising is that the audience loved “Nermin” despite her malice, deceit, selfishness and arrogance, and what she did against her divorced husband and his wife “Jamila” played by Reham Hajjaj during the events. I personally listened to the opinions of the audience, she really provokes them, but she got their admiration, they got along with her, they are always waiting for the end of her actions, which made me very happy.

* What first drew you to the details of the writing on the paper?

– I’m partial to stereotyped characters, and the character was beautifully written on paper and had a lot of detail and emotion. I was excited about it from the beginning, and the author Ayman Salama had not finished writing all the episodes, but I imagined her in her looks, emotions, feelings and actions, and when we started shooting, I was already satisfied with her.

* Are there other elements that have encouraged and motivated you to work as a whole?

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– The character of “Nermin Abdel Hamid” is a different combination with details that I have never played before, and the essay written by Ayman Salama is interesting and of high quality and excellence, and Sameh Abdel Aziz is a famous director. I always want to be with him in all his work because he always bets on a unique work.

* Whatever has been said about her meddling in the work of Reham Hajjaj and the details of it for her benefit, what inspired you to recount your experience with her?

– Reham Hajjaj is a very talented artist. She works very hard in her work and puts enormous efforts to make it successful. She deserves the success she gets. She is my closest friend on a human level. “Uturn” series last Ramadan, the experience was wonderful and successful and I was very excited to do it again. I worked with her in the series “Jameela” and thanks to God, the result was in our favor, we had a wonderful success and it is not true what is said about her.

* How did you find the competition last Ramadan?

The competition was very hot with prominent names such as Yuzra, Mona Sagi, Menna Shalabi, Mohammed Ramadan, Tariq Lotfi, Ahmed Al-Sakka, Nelly Karim, Ghada Abdel Razek, and diversity among the community in the drama. And the comedy and historical religious drama returns with the series “Imam Al-Shafi” presented by Khaled Al-Nabawi. It’s a very healthy thing and I always like to attend during the Ramadan season, which is stronger.

* What do you think about the phenomenon of Egyptian channels showing collective Arab productions like Lebanon and Syria?

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– This is not a new phenomenon, but as it increases, it benefits both the audience and the theater industry, and thus there is competition. Turkish drama was once a trend, then it was Syrian drama, recently Lebanese drama, and I personally love Lebanese works and I really liked the series “Stilto” starring Caresse. Bashar, Qais Sheikh Najib, Samer Al-Masry and Rita Harb. It is suspenseful, exciting and an elaborate and exciting work. New idea, I really enjoyed it.

Cinematic works

* Lately more than one of your films have been delayed in release. Does this affect your art?

Presentation issue is responsibility of production company, distributor and market situation. I am working thousand accounts for cinema and waiting for these films to be shown to public. Very happy to be a part of the film. “2 Talat Harb” with director Magdi Ahmed Ali, and it won more than one award at more than one festival. “Al Haroun” movie with young director Modas’ Ahmad Wafiq, Mundar Rayahna and Mohammad Eaz. I played a different character Hossam. Some time ago I finished shooting my character in the film “Eid Night” with stars Yusra, Reham Abdel Ghafar, Yusra El Losi. It was one of Ahmad Jodi’s films. Abdulla and Samey Abdel Aziz and I am happy because on the one hand they raise the oppression of women in the society through 6 different female characters in one night and it is a special film that I am waiting for. Its release as soon as possible.

* How do you explain the spread of rumors about your divorce and how do you respond to them?

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Lately I’m afraid of jealousy, I’m not interested in taking pictures with my husband and posting our pictures on social media like before, so the rumor spread, it’s a ridiculous, baseless talk, my husband is love, my life and our relationship can be better, thank God, and I hope God will fix it. . We have love and harmony.

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