March 27, 2023

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Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Tour .. 4 hour story that shook the world

Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Tour .. 4 hour story that shook the world

Mustafa Al Deep (Abu Dhabi)
None of the Formula 1 fans could have imagined the scene of the Etihad Airways Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi on Yass Circuit, and Red Bull’s driver Verstappen won the title in the last lap of the race. From the first to the fifty-fourth fold.
On the 54th lap, Hamilton was 11.5 seconds ahead of him, meaning he was on the verge of winning a historic eighth World Championship, but Williams’ Nicholas Latifi turned things upside down when an unexpected accident stopped the race and the safety car intervened. .
Here things changed and Hamilton’s title was in danger and in the middle of a tug-of-war, and with the decision of racing director Michael Masi in Formula 1, the safety car entered, and the situation continued beyond imagination, and the cars continued behind them. At the last lap, Massie was allowed to race to snatch Verstopen’s lead from Lewis at half-time. It was the final scene.
Although a strange excitement that had not happened before, there was great excitement after the race, especially when Mercedes filed two objections against the decision, first what happened in the public arrangement and did not allow latecomers. Pass the security car, which damaged the general arrangement and blocked the principle of equal opportunities, and he opposes giving priority to Verstappen even if he enters the garage and returns to second place.
The world-shaking 4 hour thrilling story begins here, with a scene from the events that took place in the Badok area, in front of the race control building “Race Control” at the Yas Marina Circuit where Michael Masi and his crew are staying. The two Mercedes accepted the discussion of the protests one by one.
The media did not leave, continued to work in analysis studios on international channels, it did not end, the controversy continued, and amidst the tension and anticipation of accepting an appeal, everyone was standing in shoes, the British Christian Horner, director of the Red Bull group, went to the control building, and all the media moved behind him, Despite his apparently angry features due, he never said that speculation would be the protagonist of the novel.
A group of media experts stood in front of the Mercedes team building, but the group did not come out and no officer moved, until then team chief Toto Wolf went to protest against Australian racing director Masi.
Finally, 4 hours later, a tweet appeared on the International Automobile Federation’s account confirming Verstopon’s success in the title, but it was quickly removed to make matters more complicated, but a few minutes later the official Formula 1 account announced Mercedes’ appeal. Not accepted, and to bring the curtain to the most exciting and important race in the history of the championship, confirmed the victory of Max Verstappen in the title.

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