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Abu Dhabi has 36 pedestrian bridges providing a safe traffic environment to reduce traffic accidents


Abu Dhabi: Imad Edin Khalil

The number of pedestrian bridges installed by the Abu Dhabi City Municipality has reached 36 to provide a safe traffic environment for pedestrians, reduce traffic accidents caused by pedestrians crossing roads and maintain vehicular traffic. Densely populated areas.

Bridges are distinguished by unique designs that guarantee a high level of safety, security and comfort for all users by installing an effective ventilation system (some with a mechanism to pump air into the bridge) and using energy-saving lighting inside and outside the bridges. , in the presence of electric elevators for their users and the equipment required for sturdy and other senior users as they age and easy to use.

Lifts on bridges can accommodate bicycles, and the proximity of bridges to sidewalks, bus stops, and taxis provides a safe and integrated system to facilitate and improve the convenience of pedestrian users.

The architectural design of these bridges has taken into account the unique aesthetic standards and features that reflect the cultural identity of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and is in harmony with the local environment by choosing colors that are closest to this culture.

In order to provide the highest quality of safety and security to all users, some changes were made in the design of the bridge compared to the old pedestrian bridges which were two meters wide. The new bridges are 3 meters wide on the inside and made of stronger materials. Resistant to vibration and weather factors.

Pedestrian bridge projects used in the emirate have proven their effectiveness and are very popular among people as they provide a safe and convenient means of transportation for people on many major roads and highways. The municipality has also worked to provide bridges. With electric lifts to serve the elderly and able-bodied people and facilitate their use.

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By installing fixed and moving colors that change in proportion to national and international events and occasions, the municipality has provided pedestrian bridges with innovative creative lighting, enhancing the aesthetics of the bridges to improve the quality of life and reflect the level of civilizational sophistication. RGBW offers a wide range of color options and flexibility in transitioning from one color to another.

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