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Abu Dhabi Police has reached 111 million dirhams in the largest auction of its kind


Kalban Al Naqbi (Abu Dhabi)

In support of the “Billion Meals” initiative, the Abu Dhabi Police raised 111 million dirhams in the “Nobel Number” public and electronic auction in Abu Dhabi. It was held in Abu Dhabi yesterday evening to mark “Saeed’s Humanitarian Day” and auctioned 555 unique license plate numbers in Abu Dhabi for catering. Support for those in need in 50 countries through the “Billion Meals” initiative, the achievement of the Foundation Auction in Abu Dhabi: the diamonds and unique numbers provided by “Etisalat” and “Du”, 419 thousand dirhams and 601 thousand dirhams respectively, are also allocated to support the “One Billion Food” initiative.
Proceeds from the charity and online auction in Abu Dhabi will all go to contribute to the “One Billion Food” initiative launched by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai. Aims to provide food security to the most needy groups in the world. The least fortunate communities in 50 countries around the world, as the United Arab Emirates contributes to efforts to eradicate hunger and malnutrition worldwide.
Maj. Gen. Khalifa Mohammed Al Kayli, Director General of the Finance and Services Division of the Abu Dhabi Police General’s Command, confirmed that the UAE has continued its path of charity and humanitarian work for more than fifty years under the guidance of wise leadership. Influenced in various parts of the world, and in conjunction with “Saeed Humanitarian Day”, the auction was launched. The Nobel Charity Number in Abu Dhabi was organized by Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives to support the efforts of the largest “billion meals” initiative in the region. “One Billion Foods” by providing food security to the poor in Emirates’ top 50 countries, millions of people around the world facing the challenge of starvation that threatens the lives of 800 people.
Special numbers of vehicle plates were displayed in Abu Dhabi at the “Nobel Number” Foundation auction, which included Second Class No. 2, Second Class 11 numbers, Second Class 20, First Class 99 and Triple. The second type number is 999.
He pointed out that donations from individuals and organizations to the humanitarian effort would contribute to the creation of an expanded network to cater to the most needy groups.
The “Noble Number” charity auction, held at the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi yesterday evening, saw a large turnout of businessmen, pioneers of philanthropy and humanitarian work, and supporters of the United Arab Emirates’ relief efforts around the world.
The auction went on to support the humanitarian goals of the “Billion Meals” initiative, including the sale of five unique numbers for Abu Dhabi vehicle plates issued by the Abu Dhabi Police and several other achievements, including ten diamonds and ten diamonds. Unique numbers for Etisalat and du mobile phones.

Vehicle plates
The second type of vehicle number plate 2 Abu Dhabi reached 23.3 million dirhams, the unique double number 11 Abu Dhabi reached 5 million dirhams, while the auction for vehicle number plate 20 Abu Dhabi continues. The amount of the second category was 4.25 million dirhams, and from the first category of 99 Abu Dhabi number, he reached 5 million dirhams, and 999 Abu Dhabi, belonging to the second category, received 1.7 million dirhams.

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telephone number
According to the diamond numbers issued by “Etisalat” at the “Nobel Number” auction in Abu Dhabi: 0547444444, 0542244444, 0542422222, 0547799999, 05,67,7720 worth, 5 thousand Rs. One thousand dirhams, 52 thousand dirhams and 100 thousand dirhams. Respectively, to reach a total of 419,000 dirhams.
As for the popular mobile numbers displayed by “du”, they are: 0589999996, 05866666662, 0581111114, 0582444444, 0586222222, 120 thousand, 1 thousand dirhams, 1 thousand dirhams, 1 thousand dirhams, 1 thousand dirhams, 1,000, to reach a total of 601 thousand .

Very valuable number
At the electronic auction, the unique double number 88 of the first category reached 88 3.9 million dirhams, the highest value among the 555 special numbers in the auction.
The three-digit 111 of Type 12 recorded 1.6 million dirhams, while the two quartet numbers of 1111 of the second category and 8888 of the first category were sold for 1.4 million dirhams and one million dirhams, respectively. The second category 11111 and the first category 777777 recorded 1.9 million dirhams and 1.5 million dirhams respectively.

Online auction to do good
Organized by the Abu Dhabi Police on April 17 and 18, the Nobel Foundation’s Electronic Auction 555 was the largest effort in the region to set aside proceeds from the auction of 555 famous vehicle number plates in Abu Dhabi. , Amid pioneering contributions from humanitarian work, was electronically auctioned off to do good and provide assistance to target groups in the “Billion Meals” campaign.
Valuable numbers of Abu Dhabi vehicle plates displayed at the “Nobel Number” electronic auction reached a total value that exceeded expectations due to the record record of white hands, philanthropists and philanthropists.

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