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Abu Dhabi slaughterhouses receive 5523 victims on the first day of Eid


Abu Dhabi: Abdul Rahman Saeed
Abattoirs in Abu Dhabi city have piled up since dawn on Saturday morning, the first day of Eid al-Adha, amid strict containment measures, as slaughterhouses and smart apps dedicated to requesting victims received around 5523. Various sacrifices till noon.

Dr Ziyad Al-Hayali, head of the Animal Control Division of the Department of Public Health in the Abu Dhabi City Municipality, told Al-Khaleej that the automated slaughterhouse in Port Said had received 1,020 victims as of Saturday afternoon, while the Bani Yas slaughterhouse had 2,900, the Al Wathba slaughterhouse 608, and the butchery. Abattoirs Shahama 995, and slaughterhouses are expected to receive a large number of varieties during Eid.
Ziyad al-Hayali confirmed that strict preventive measures were taken to receive the victims and maintain the health and safety of all. , do not prevent them from obtaining sacrifices from civilians without the need to leave the car and enter the slaughterhouse.

He said that the sacrificed person offers his sacrifice from one shop and he gets it from another shop after preparing it while he is inside his car, and the time for preparing the sacrifice is not more than 20 minutes and then he offers it. To the person sacrificed in his car. He stressed that the fees for sacrifice during Eid will remain the same as on other days, 15 dirhams for sheep, 40 dirhams for calves and goats, 60 dirhams for cows and camels, as they have not changed in four decades. .

Completion of veterinary staff and adequate number of butchers, laborers and cleaners, in cooperation with the operating companies, the municipality ensured all necessary equipment for slaughterhouses to provide better services. Healthy environment, best practices to achieve customer satisfaction amidst best animal control and precautions, with the aim of creating happy users of slaughterhouse services. Including smart applications to request sacrifices, sacrificers can request sacrifices through the applications “My Slaughterhouse, Al Jazeera’s Sacrifice, Emirates, Halal and Halal Our Farms”. Al Wathba, Bani Yas and Al Shahama abattoirs are open to the public from 6am to 7pm.

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