March 25, 2023

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Abu Dhabi welcomes the world to UFC 267

Abu Dhabi welcomes the world to UFC 267

Abu Dhabi (Etihad)
Abu Dhabi will host the second session of the “Abu Dhabi Challenge Week” in October, with the announcement of welcoming visitors to restaurants after successfully hosting several international events in recent months. Abu Dhabi opens its doors This will give you the opportunity to participate in the Abu Dhabi Challenge Week without being isolated.

The list of approved vaccines includes Sinopharma, Pfizer-Biotech, Sputnik, Oxford-Astrogeneka, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna and Jamalica (Sputnik V). The second edition of Abu Dhabi Challenge Week will feature a week-long series of events, including fan activities, fitness shows and more, to increase the excitement of the Blahovich match against Dexira at the UFC 267 Championship on Saturday, October 30 at the Etihad Stadium. .

Ali Hassan al-Shaiba, managing director of the Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism’s Tourism and Marketing, said organizing the “Abu Dhabi Challenge Week” reflects the expertise, resources and modern infrastructure in the capital to enhance the ability to host the largest international events in many parts of the emirate.

He said: “We always work to collaborate with partners and partners during the organization of events because it is a cornerstone of success and achieves the desired goals, especially the highest standards of hygiene and safety when facilitating travel procedures to Abu Dhabi and when booking tickets for our visitors. It offers the opportunity to attend various events and explore its tourism, entertainment, sports and cultural experiences.