June 4, 2023

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Abu Dhabi’s hotels and “four-star” apartments are heavily occupied

Rasha Dubai (Abu Dhabi)

Hotel companies of the “apartments” and “four stars” categories in Abu Dhabi saw high hotel occupancy rates in January and February of this year, when the Russian market topped the average length of stay in the capital’s hotels. For data from the Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism.
The data indicated that hotel apartments recorded average occupancy of 83% and four-star hotels 79% in January and February. Five-star hotels recorded 70% occupancy and category hotels between one and three stars, 71% occupancy.
Five-star hotels received 343,000 hotel guests in January and February, a growth of 52%, while the average length of stay for their guests was 2.9 nights. Four-star hotels received 238,000 guests, with 52% growth, with an average stay of 2.2 nights, while hotels in the one- to 3-star category received 120,000 guests, with 54% growth, and an average stay of 2 nights. . Hotel apartments received 74,000 guests, a growth of 25% and an average stay of 5.2 nights.

The Russians are in the lead
In terms of accommodation rates according to tourism markets in January and February, Russian tourists topped the list with an average of 4.2 hotel nights, followed by British tourists with an average of 3.8 nights, followed by American tourists with an average of 3.6 nights, followed by Egyptian tourists with an average of 3.2 nights, followed by Indian tourists with an average of 2.7. Nights rate. Tourists from the United Arab Emirates stayed an average of 2.1 nights.
The Russian market ranks third in the number of Abu Dhabi hotel guests in the list of international tourism markets, while the capital’s hotels saw a double growth of 177% in the number of Russian guests in January and February compared to the same period last year.

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Occupancy and revenue
Abu Dhabi hotels saw record growth in guest numbers last January and February, receiving 774,000 guests, a 49% growth compared to the same period last year, according to the department’s data. Hotels recorded total hotel revenue of 1.15 billion dirhams in January and February, a growth of 39%. %, while hotel companies averaged 75% and the average price of a hotel room was 486 dirhams, a growth of 43%.
In terms of cities and regions in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain city recorded a 28% growth in guest numbers between January and February, while Al Dhafra region recorded a 25% growth in guest numbers. The data shows that Abu Dhabi city recorded a 52% growth in the number of guests.