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Actor Ahmed Maki .. “Delivery Comedy” rushed to the heart of the audience.


Mackie gave him unlimited devotion to his art and his works gave him unprecedented fame, love and acceptance, from his native Algeria to the East of Hollywood in Egypt, where he became one of the first-class stars.

It’s a prestigious art activity that Mickey started in 2001 after graduating from the Film Institute, but he had to wait 7 consecutive years to win his first solo championship, especially through the gates of the 2008 film “H Dabour”.

With an extraordinary duet song with artist Tonia Samir Khan, they presented a group of successful works between Film and TelevisionThey have made a mark with previous episodes of “Dare Enta”, “No Retreat, No Surrender” and “The Great Away” series.

He is best known for his role in “H Dabour”, which he presented in more than one work before splitting with a hugely successful film, and then in 2016 he suffered from a health problem that was not in the art community. Oh, but the ice of fear melted in the very first scenes of artist Rahma Ahmed in the role of “Marpooha”.

Between the successful director of the movie “The Seventh Sense” and the pigeon lover and famous rapper, his co-stars in last year’s “The Choice 2” series, “The Big Away”. He spoke of the various situations in which humanity itself became the most rapid “comedy delivery” during Ramadan.

Muck mix

Artist though Hisham Ismail One of the main dishes at the “Al-Kabeer Awe” table, with his right hand, with the distinctive “Fossa” character, he had a lot for McKee in his six seasons.

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Artist Hisham Ismail told Sky News Arabia that Maggie is an artist who loves the actor who stands in front of him in any work, loves his role and makes him feel like a hero. A “smart” film director and visionary, and everyone who wants success and teamwork.

But according to Hisham, the most important thing that distinguishes Makki is that he is an artist who loves innovation and then pushes all the team he has with him to work to uncover the best he has because his work approach follows. New comedy, thus winning greatly.

Hisham Ismail also believes that the series “Al Kabeer Away” was an experience that allowed him and artist Mohamed Salam to cut back on many years of their acting careers and that they gained a quick and worthy reputation because they came from all over the world. What made them so popular was the theatrical world through the play “Coffee Plane” and then the cinematic release with the artist Ahmed McKee “Dare Enta” is one of the most important films of Egyptian cinema.

He concluded his speech by saying: “Praise be to God for working with Mackie, for He has allowed us to receive the best, truest and most beautiful glory, and He has won among us, and we have won in Him.”

I will not do justice

In the hearts of millions of people behind the scenes, twenty-year-old artist Rahma Ahmed entered the role of “Morbuha”, the wife of “Al-Kabeer Iyen” on duty. Until the last episode of the series.

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Before the end of the Ramadan series, “Rahma” was forced to talk about her relationship with Mackie, who paved a new path in her artistic career.

In one of his statements about the publication, Mackie summed up what happened to himself and his colleagues, which seemed to be true between an artist who gave a young woman space to say what she wanted at the beginning of her career. It doesn’t happen to any artist in the art scene.

The testimony of Rahma Ahmed pointed out that Makki had achieved “complete and artistic success”. Did not fulfill his art or human rights.

From spectator to actor

Mustafa Kareeb is one of the young faces in the movie “The Big Oy” who did not give him any space. His account on “Instagram”, after he became one of the audience of this artist, became one of the heroes of the work in its sixth season.

Emerging Egyptian artist Mustafa Gharif played the role of Atra, the son of “al-Kabeer”, the hero of the work, as part of the events of the Ramadan comedy series.Great rest“.

As used in the last six Ramadan seasons, “Al-Kabeer Ai” is one of the latest faces to showcase its creativity in “Carib” because it was considered indebted to him and director Ahmed al-Jundi. A lot, ”especially next to human contact, which made him feel like he was in the middle of his family.

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