March 30, 2023

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Abdul Majeed Abdullah presents the video for his latest song "I Taken My Heart" ..

Abdul Majeed Abdullah presents the video for his latest song “I Taken My Heart” ..

Saudi singer Abdul Majeed Abdullah has released his new song “I took my heart” through his official YouTube channel, which features the words of Anwar al-Mushri composed by Ahmad al-Harmi, the rhythms of Ibrahim Hassan and distributed by Siros. Guitar by Ahmed Abdel Aziz, and strings by Damer Foydi, Mix and Master Jasem Mohammed. .

The lyrics of the song say:

Until you take my whom shall you leave me?!

Summarize it and take a picture and sound for yourself

Laila, your love for me cannot and will not exist

My satisfaction is that I will live until I die without him

You decided to register me in public

In your name I seal it as proof in my soul

It’s sweeter than life .. but prison

He dies when a prisoner loves his jailer

I like what happened this time

More normal has passed around the world and failed

He who does not love himself is not mad at you

It will be solved and you will get food and strength

You do not need a price

My masterpiece .. My soul rested from winter

I lost my eyes .. my smile .. my family .. homeland

Awesome..the storyline of my poetry at home

And if my heart has a desire, they said .. make a wish

Who saved the Prophet from the belly of the whale

No one wants you but you, and no one else longs

Lynn’s whip stopped in silence.

And Gulf star Abdul Majeed Abdullah recently released the song “Our Will Won” about the Saudi leadership and the role of the Saudi people in the fight against the Corona epidemic, and the lyrics of the song say: “Thank God, thank you for your leadership, we are a strong people, with determination and our We have reached the goal, thank God, thank you. ” Our Leadership ”, written by Dr. Saleh al-Shadi, composed by Abdul Aziz al-Ma and arranged by Ani and Hisham al-Sukran..

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It is noteworthy that Saudi singer Abdul Majeed Abdullah, who has been releasing his new album “Parallel World” for the past 7 years, has refrained from releasing new albums and is back on the song scene. Month.

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