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Addiction… the rule of abuse of psychiatric drugs


The National Rehabilitation Center emphasized that individuals’ mental health is no less important than physical health, and that individuals should take care of themselves, take the initiative to seek counseling when needed, and not seek psychotropic substances for psychotherapy. problems.

The center warns that some people believe that smoking, drinking alcohol or taking psychotropic substances will help relieve psychological problems such as depression, anxiety and psychological stress, but in reality these substances do not help to solve these problems. , and can even exacerbate psychological problems that can lead to addiction. He stressed that it is wrong to self-treat mental health problems by using psychiatric drugs without consulting a specialist, pointing out that the best solution is to consult a specialist psychiatrist to diagnose the problem and take the necessary treatment.

As part of the awareness efforts on the occasion of World Mental Health Day, the center emphasized the need to follow the psychiatrist’s instructions and specific dosage for psychiatric drugs as some types of psychiatric drugs can lead to serious health problems like drug addiction. If they are misused.

The center emphasized that an individual’s interest in mental health helps strengthen their ability to face all kinds of challenges in life and the National Rehabilitation Center can be consulted on “8002252”. According to the definition of the World Health Organization, psychotropic substances are any substance that affects mental processes such as perception and emotion, and they are classified into three main categories: stimulants, blockers or narcotics, and hallucinogens.

As for controlled medical drugs, they are drugs that are used for medical purposes in certain doses and are monitored under medical supervision, but if misused, they cause psychological effects and lead to addiction and serious health problems. For purposes other than prescription or treatment is considered a punishable offence. He said the most important drugs are analgesics, narcotics (morphine, codeine), tranquilizers, psychotropic drugs, neuroleptics and stimulants.

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National Rehabilitation Center Addiction to controlled medical drugs should be treated in specialized centers and under the supervision of a doctor, because of the severe withdrawal symptoms they cause, the patient must undergo an integrated treatment program, following the doctor’s instructions. Support family and friends until he recovers and returns to normal life.

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