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Procedures for registration of appointment for examination and adjustment steps of migrant workers in Kuwait


Many expatriates visiting the State of Kuwait prefer to schedule an appointment to screen foreign workers at their own convenience, as appointments are randomly determined by the Kuwait Ministry of Health, which does not apply to expatriate appointments. So, the Ministry of Health was keen to provide the service of rescheduling appointments and choosing the appropriate date. In this article we will explain to you the steps to edit this completely electronically with many details for each person.

Book an appointment to screen migrant workers

You can book an appointment for a screening for migrant workers or change it by following the steps below:

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Conditions for booking an appointment for selection of overseas workers

To conduct an examination for migrant workers, you must first fulfill all the necessary conditions, and the first of these conditions is as follows:

Penalty for avoiding appointment of labor test for foreigners

Book an appointment to screen migrant workers

A medical examination is conducted on expatriates to ensure that the person is safe from any serious or contagious disease that could harm Kuwaiti citizens or harm the person working outside the country. If the required medical tests and evasions are done, the person will not be accepted for the journey. He cannot leave the airport until he brings the exam certificate, however, if he stays inside Kuwait, he will be permanently deported. A fine of not less than ten thousand Kuwaiti dinars.

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When will the results of the medical test be available?

After undergoing all the necessary medical tests, you can often go to get the result of the medical test after a fortnight.

What is the medical examination fee for foreign workers?

All expatriates are given ten Kuwaiti dinars so that they can undergo the necessary medical tests.

Will there be a delay in payment of medical examination fees?

Payment of fees can never be delayed and medical examinations will not be performed until the required fees are paid accordingly.

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