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Adele ran away from her mother and angered the Imam .. What you do not know about Zuhair al-Publi


A great status of Egyptian art departed from our world, leaving behind the traditions of works that history remembers.

Zuhair al-Babli, who loved art from an early age, was encouraged by his father to develop his talent even though his mother completely rejected it.

The “Pakiza and Jacqueline” star, as a teenager, began to follow the cast and then moved to the stage where she was admired by millions.

He was able to hold a great place for himself in the hearts of the people until he became one of the most famous stars of Egyptian art.

At one point, her mother looked at her and followed her until she reached the stage, then she looked at her and screamed, so Zuhair ran from his mother to the opera house and hid in the guard’s room.

In a statement, the late female professor Fatu Nashati revealed that she had pushed herself into professional art and contributed to joining the national theater.

Presenting the play “At the Receipt”, al-Babli explained that he was suffering from a serious illness and that his body temperature had risen to about 40 degrees and he was unable to move. On stage, as soon as she stepped inside, her position changed and she achieved great success.

During the show “The School of the Reuters”, he revealed another situation when he clashed with the late female artists Adele Imam and Saeed Saleh, prompting the “leader” to resign due to their many improvements. In front of the audience, she stepped back twice.

Her favorite nickname is “Soska”.

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Zuhair al-Babli, an artist, passed away on Sunday at the age of 84.

The Late Woman was distinguished by her mastery of comedy and theatrical color, and she holds a large share of the cinematic and theatrical works, and among her most important works is the well-known comedy series “Pakiza and Jacqueline.” Massive success in the eighties of the last century.

He is also credited with drama, cinema and television, and his most important works include Shadia with Raya and Sakina Drama and Rebels School.

As for the films, he starred in the Janab al-Safir film, The Weak Moment with Salah Zulfikar and in the reality series and many other works on television.

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