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ADQ and Azerbaijan Investment Holding Company are establishing a joint investment platform


  • The $1 billion platform will focus on investing in priority sectors and common interests

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: ADQ, an investment firm headquartered in Abu Dhabi, and Azerbaijan Investment Holding (AIH), headquartered in the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku, today announced the establishment of a joint venture aimed at investing in priority sectors and common interests. They include agriculture, technology, pharmaceuticals and energy infrastructure sectors.

As investments are primarily focused in the Republic of Azerbaijan, United Arab Emirates and Central Asian countries, with the possibility of expansion to other countries, the platform aims to explore investment opportunities and benefit from them to achieve stable financial returns on capital.

According to the agreement, both ADQ and Azerbaijan Investment Holding (AIH) will receive a 50% stake in the joint venture worth USD 500 million.

It is noteworthy that Azerbaijan Investment Holding Company (AIH) was established in 2020 and under its umbrella is a strategic investment fund that improves the management and operation of state-owned enterprises. AIH) is actively participating in the process of long-term growth and prosperity for the Republic of Azerbaijan, which has been further strengthened by the establishment of this joint project.

For its part, ADQ will participate on the platform through a diverse range of investment expertise covering key sectors of the economy, including energy and utilities, food and agriculture, healthcare and life sciences, and transportation and logistics.

The Holding Company’s Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, His Excellency Mohammed Hassan Al Suwaidi, said:ADQ):”The establishment of this joint investment platform will not only strengthen the bilateral relations between our two countries, but also affirm ADQ’s commitment to strengthen meaningful partnerships in strategic markets aligned with our investment priorities. We believe in the value and experience we provide as a partner in platform assets, which will contribute to improving growth opportunities in sectors that impact the growth of target geographies.

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Notably, the UAE and the Republic of Azerbaijan have maintained strong economic ties since 1992, with the value of non-oil trade between them growing more than threefold in the past five years. Countries continue to explore areas of common interest.

Honorable Mikhail Zbarov, Minister of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Member of the Supervisory Board of Azerbaijan, commented. Azerbaijan Investment Holding Company“: This partnership reflects the importance of economic, political and trade relations between the two countries. The new fund will serve as a tool for implementing joint projects aimed at long-term development of both countries and the wider region.

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About “catch” (ADQ)

Established in 2018, ADQ is an investment firm in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, with a broad portfolio of key companies spanning key sectors of the UAE’s diversified economy, including energy, utilities, food, agriculture, healthcare, life sciences, transportation, logistics services and others. As a strategic partner of the Government of Abu Dhabi, ADQ is committed to contribute to the process of accelerating and developing the Emirate’s economy to be knowledge-based and more globally competitive.

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