June 6, 2023

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Afghanistan under the Taliban: Collapsing health sector puts children’s lives at risk

  • Yogita Lemai
  • BBC correspondent in Afghanistan

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Three-month-old Taiibullah breathes through a tube held by his mother

Every day 167 children die in Afghanistan from preventable diseases, which UNICEF estimates should be treated with the right medicines.

The BBC’s Yogita Lemay visited hospitals and clinics across Afghanistan to see the collapse of the health sector and its effects on children’s health.

In a hospital where not even a ventilator works, mothers hold oxygen tubes near their babies’ noses. Devices designed to fit their small faces are not available. Women try to fill the gap in trained staff or lack of medical staff.

Stepping into the children’s ward of the main hospital in Western Ghor province, you wonder if the UNICEF rating is too low.