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After an earthquake, what should we do to protect ourselves and those around us? – How are you?


The National Geophysical Institute, affiliated with the National Center for Scientific and Technological Research, reported a magnitude 7 earthquake in Al Houze province on Friday night.

When an earthquake occurs, individuals must take immediate action to stay safe and minimize potential damage. The response to an earthquake depends on its severity and location, but there are some general steps to properly prepare and react during and after an earthquake.

1. Behavior during an earthquake:

– Keep Calm: Try to stay calm and avoid panic. Remember that an earthquake only lasts a few seconds.

– Avoid glass areas: Stay away from windows and glass objects to avoid injury.

– Get involved: If you’re in a car, don’t try to drive during an earthquake.

– Go to an exit: If you are at home, look for a safe exit away from glass areas.

2. Post Earthquake Behavior:

– Safety Check: Check the safety of you, your family members and your neighbors.

– Put out the fire: If there is a fire, if it is safe, try to put it out using a small fire extinguisher.

– Wait for instructions: Do not return to the damaged building until receiving official instructions from the authorities.

– Check supplies: Use the emergency supplies you have prepared in case of a power or gas outage due to an earthquake.

– Relief assistance: If you are qualified and able to help others, do so flexibly.

Individuals should always be prepared for emergencies such as earthquakes. Good preparations and proper behavior during and after an earthquake are key to keeping yourself and others safe and minimizing potential damage.

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