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Half the Earth’s population is “at risk”… because of a huge hole in the ozone


After finding a “big” hole Ozone layer In the growing tropics since the 1980s, one scientist has warned of an “imminent danger” in space.

A researcher at the Canadian University of Waterloo, Professor Singh Bin Loo, said that the hole appears all year round and is seven times larger than the hole in Antarctica (ie, Antarctica) that appears every spring. He explained, “Unlike the Antarctic ozone hole, which appears only in the spring, the hole in the equatorial region has existed throughout the seasons since the 1980s, and the area it covers is approximately seven times larger.”

‘Bad for our environment’

In his study published in the journal “AIP Advances”, “the presence of this hole is harmful to our environment, as it leads to an increase in ultraviolet radiation at ground level and affects 50% of the Earth’s surface.”

“These findings will be important for understanding planetary physics, ozone layer depletion, climate change and human health.”

It is mentioned that Ozone It is considered one of the essential elements for life on Earth’s surface, no less important than oxygen and water, because it absorbs most of the harmful UV rays we receive from the Sun and protects known life forms on Earth’s surface. . For this reason, Lou’s study warns of the risk of a year-round “hole” just above the tropics.

Home to half of the world’s population

Lu added, “The tropics make up half of the planet’s surface and are home to half of the world’s population…The presence of the tropical ozone hole may be a global concern.”

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Depletion of the ozone layer leads to an increase in ultraviolet radiation at ground level, which increases the risk of skin cancer and cataracts in humans, as well as weakens the human immune system, reduces agricultural productivity and negatively affects. Aquatic Organisms.” Sensitization and Ecosystems.

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