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After Ethiopia expelled UN officials, the United States threatened sanctions


Condemned the United States Ethiopia expels seven officers From the United Nations.

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki warned that Washington would not hesitate to impose sanctions on those who obstruct humanitarian efforts in the country.


“The U.S. government strongly condemns the unprecedented move by the Ethiopian government to expel the leaders of all UN agencies involved in unprecedented humanitarian operations,” Saki told reporters on Thursday. “This is a stain on our collective conscience. It must be stopped.”

It also called on the United Nations Security Council and other countries to take immediate action to inform the Ethiopian government that it cannot accept any obstruction of humanitarian action.

Famine in Tigris

Ethiopia’s foreign ministry announces dismissal of seven officials Famine in Tigris Because the government in the north of the country prevented aid from coming.

Since the conflict erupted in November, thousands of people have been killed and more than two million people have been displaced. In July, fighting spread from Tigris to neighboring Amhara and Afar areas, displacing hundreds of thousands of people.

Migrated from Tigray (archive from AFP)

“Strict Procedures”

Zackie stressed that the United States could impose sanctions in the absence of clear and concrete changes.

He said President Joe Biden’s administration was preparing to take “drastic action” under an administrative order issued earlier this month that would allow Washington to impose sanctions on parties involved in the conflict if it prevents humanitarian access, serious human rights abuses or persists. Conflict.

He added: “We need to see concrete steps within a few weeks of starting negotiations for a ceasefire, allowing unrestricted humanitarian access and respecting human rights. If there is no significant progress, we will take action and we have the means to do so.”

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