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After inquiring about her gender … widespread sympathy for the Iranian goalkeeper


Most of the comments and attitudes focus on condemning what I have expressed Iranian player, Making fun of her “masculine” form, saying that she is not a woman and that she is embedded in her country’s football team, harassing and abusing her.

Commentators, along with psychologists and athletes, condemned such positions, saying it was impossible. Game Spirit According to its ethics and values ​​that inspire the sport’s decent competitiveness, entertainment, pleasure and positive energy, it competes in areas that benefit the physical and psychological benefits of players and athletes as well as the audience of followers and fans. .

Also commenting on the incident from a scientific angle and the psychological effects it had on the player involved, sports circles andSocial media sites Anxiety, Psychologist Dr. Qasim Hussein Saleh said in an interview with Sky News Arabia: “Female pregnancy is scientifically reasonable. X chromosome And it’s the only gene that has more than 1500 genes, which is why you see women as more like men than women. Y chromosome There are only 80 genes in a male.

The psychoanalyst adds: “Until this football goalkeeper is proud and successful, she will boast that she is comparable to the male in terms of the dominance of the male consciousness over factors that our communities think and understand. She is strong, different and creative, but she naturally feels pain and No doubt because they hurt her femininity and even compared her to a man and implied that she was a man disguised as a woman.

As for sports journalist Mustafa al-Abdan, he says in an interview with Sky News Arabia: Bullying The attack on the Iranian goalkeeper caused widespread anger and condemnation within various Arab and other sports circles.

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Al-Abdan adds: “The most dangerous thing is that such unfortunate incidents develop in sports contexts that promote racism and hostility, while they are broad and tolerant contexts that reject discrimination and discrimination on the basis of race, religion or gender. In every community and country.”

The controversy erupted on social media and in international newspapers Goalkeeper of the Iranian national football teamAfter the women’s match between Jordan and Iran in the qualifying round for the 2022 Asian Nations Cup to be held in India.

In the last chapters of this case, I mentioned Jordanian News Agency Official “PetraThe Asian Football Confederation (AFC) has announced that the results of the verification of the gender of the Iranian women’s team goalkeeper have been confirmed.

Was AFC An inquiry has been launched into a letter submitted by the Jordanian Football Association seeking to verify the gender of the Iranian national team’s goalkeeper who defeated the Jordanian women’s team in the Asian Qualifiers play-offs.

Wanting Jordan Football Association Goalkeeper Zahra Gaudi’s gender prompted him to seek verification, and the AFC response confirmed that the goalkeeper was a woman, the official agency said.

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