March 25, 2023

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بغداد بونجاح مهاجم منتخب الجزائر

After returning to Barcelona, ​​did Xavi ask Baghdad to add Bounetza?

Many years after leaving, Barcelona star Xavi Hernandez has returned home, but this time as a coach he is no longer a player.

Xavi left Plugrana for the first time in his career at the end of the 2014-15 season, and decided to embark on a new adventure at the Qatari club Al Satt.

He spent 4 seasons with Al Sadd until his retirement in 2019, then began his training journey with the same team, leaving it back to Barcelona.

Within hours of Xavi taking charge, until word spread that he wanted to include the dam’s attacker, Algerian Baghdad Bounetza, what was the truth of the news?

Did Javi Baghdad Bounetza ask in Barcelona?

Chavez has not issued any official statement on his request to link Baghdad’s Bournemouth with Barcelona, ​​and no international body has issued any statement in this regard.

But the coach of the Algerian national team, Djamel Belmadi, told his television that “Baghdad is doing amazing things.”

Asked about the possibility of Desert Fox striker joining Barcelona, ​​he said: “Baghdad Barcelona, ​​what do you want me to say? Javier knows more than I do. Baghdad may be his first or second choice.”

He added: “This may come as a surprise to others, but he is not. He knows the current situation in Barcelona and only God knows what will happen.”

He continued, “He made history, scoring goals everywhere … He scored in the African Nations Cup final, one of the most important goals in the history of the Algerian national team.”

He continued: “The current Barcelona is not Barcelona, ​​Messi, Xavi and Iniesta. I don’t know if Xavi can include him now, but I know he loves him very much.”

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Belmadi concluded: “With the exception of all the foreigners who own Barcelona, ​​Baghdad is the first choice. Xavi played with him and knows his worth.”