June 7, 2023

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After severing ties, will Algeria exit through a gas pipeline to Morocco?

After severing ties, will Algeria exit through a gas pipeline to Morocco?

Algerian Energy Minister Mohamed Arkab confirmed that all Algerian natural gas supplies to Spain and from there to Europe would be via the “Medcas” pipeline that crosses the Mediterranean Sea, citing a ministry statement on Thursday evening.

The Algerian minister’s statement after receiving the Spanish ambassador indicates that Algeria will remove the Macrobe-European gas pipeline passing through Morocco two days after severing diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Morocco previously revealed Cut ties, Expressed his support for the expansion of the pipeline agreement connecting the Algerian gas fields with the European continent via the Kingdom, which ends in October this year.

But the Algerian energy minister “confirmed Algeria’s full commitment to cover all natural gas supplies to Spain via the Metcos pipeline.”

Algeria, which refers to the expansion of the capacity of the Metcas gas pipeline, has the potential to meet the demand for gas from European markets. It connects Algeria directly with Spain via the Mediterranean Sea.

The CEO of Algerian oil and gas company Sonatrach previously announced in June that “even if the deal is not renewed, Algeria will be able to deliver to Spain and will respond to any additional demand from the Spanish market without any further problems.”

The official Algerian news agency added that the Moroccan gas pipeline “benefits greatly” from going to Europe, which “pays 800 million cubic meters of gas for its own needs, which is included in the tariff imposed on the structure. The right to pass through the gas pipeline.”

On Tuesday, Algeria announced the severance of diplomatic relations with Rabat.

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