February 8, 2023

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After talking about the vast powers, Mbabane reveals his position on Neymar's reliance

After talking about the vast powers, Mbabane reveals his position on Neymar’s reliance

The exile came Embape In response to a report from the Sports Bible website, the French star was said to have drawn up a list of 14 names that will be dropped before the new season.

Among the names mentioned in the report, Neymar Pochettino, Thilo Guerrero, Julian Draxler, Danilo Pereira, Leandro Wales, Ander Herrera, Levine Cursa, Mauro Icardi, Pablo Serbia, Juan Bernard, Idrissa Cui, Colin Dugba and Sergio Rico.

In response to what was said in the “Sport Bible”, Mbabane commented through his account Twitter And Instagram claims to be “lying”.

And Mbabane was attached Real Madrid For a long time, amid strong expectations about his move this summer, he surprised the Spanish champions by extending his contract with Saint-Germain until 2025.

“It was always a difficult decision,” Mbappe told a news conference. “It took me a while to make the right decision. I have had no problem with stress since I was in this situation since I was 14.”

The young French star continued: “Everyone knew I wanted to leave last year. At that time I was convinced it was the best decision. Now the environment is different, both sports and personal.”

He added: “France is the country where I grew up, I have always lived here. The decision to leave was not easy. The game plan has changed. It just wanted me to stay. I do not think my story is over yet.”

The crowned player revealed World Cup 2018 with the “Rooster” team: “I made the decision before I invited Real Madrid president Florentino Perez. I have a lot of respect for him and for Real Madrid. They wanted to do a lot to make me happy. So I want to thank the Real Madrid fans and my country. I hope they understand my decision to stay. ” I’m a complete Frenchman and I want to take France from here to the top and move this club and league forward. “

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Mbappe pointed out that there was no fuss about the financial aspects or the rights to exploit his films: “Frankly, we talked for months about the game plan and talked for a few minutes about the money. And sports pictures (Rights) “.