August 10, 2022

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After the abortion ends, American men seek out a precautionary stunt

After the abortion ends, American men seek out a precautionary stunt

According to the Washington Post, Thomas Fikurova, a 27 – year – old American man, rushed to book an appointment with a specialist. Small water pipe For surgery in Florida.

And after the abolition of a historic judgment, all US State Can decide whether to allow, control or prohibit abortion.

Thomas says he decided to have surgery because he did not want to ChildbirthHe had been thinking about it for the last several years, but after the Supreme Court step he made his decision.

Thomas is not an isolated case, nephrologists say they have noticed an increase in demands for vasectomy after the Supreme Court ruling.

One of these doctors explains that the clinic received an average of 4 to 5 requests per day before the Supreme Court ruling, but it rose to 12 to 18 per day.

In Los Angeles, California, consultation for men about vasectomy has increased by 300 to 400 percent, says kidney doctor Philip Wertman.

Many of those who demanded the operation say they had thought about it before, and then the Supreme Court ruling put them to action.

The reports come amid warnings from US doctors about the impact of the Supreme Court ruling on reproductive health in the United States.

Vasectomy leads to the formation of chronic infertility by preventing the transfer of sperm into the vagina via vas deferens.

Experts believe that after the 2008 recession, when couples were more afraid to have children because of the cost, the United States increased the demand for vasectomy earlier, and this happened in the early days of the corona. Infection and people were forced to work at home.

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