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After waiting 4 years .. Mercedes GT73e appears in September: here are the specifications


Cairo – by Yemen Abdullah – Mercedes is preparing to launch the expected new generation of its high-performance AMG GT model, which will be available with a hybrid engine.

After a long wait since March 7, 2017, Mercedes announced the model through the Concept Test Class, finally setting the date for its official appearance on September 1st.

According to the Motor One website, this model will be introduced with exceptional performance with the e-Hybrid S-Class hybrid turbo engine, so far Mercedes has not released its official code name, but expectations are going to be GT73e.

Regarding its engine capabilities, the US website states that the engine of the hybrid model is expected to have a capacity of 4.0 liters, dual turbocharged, powered by an electric motor, and they produce a total of 805 horsepower.

It has a rotation rate of 738 r / ft and is capable of accelerating from zero to 60 mph in just 3 seconds.

In preparation for its official presentation of “Motor One”, Mercedes sent out a teaser image of the model announced.

Supply crisis

Mercedes is facing a crisis in supplying key manufacturing components for its V8 engine cars into the United States.

According to the Motor One website, the crisis could trigger the German brand to stop supplying any Mercedes V8-engine car to the US market by 2022.

This decision, which includes all Mercedes cars of various classes, will run with the V8 engine, which, according to Reddit, will lose the US market if the distribution market continues next year.

Even Mercedes AMG-class cars, if powered by V8 engines in the United States, will be subject to a sales ban.

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The U.S. site described all the models that will be rejected in the U.S. market if Mercedes implements a ban on sales, including the AMG C63 model, the AMG GLC63 model, the AMG E63 model, the GLE580 model, and the AMG GLE. 63 model and AMG GLS 63 model.

Also, GLS600 Maybach, G550 and AMG G63.

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