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Agadir: Anza's sons restore the glory of Enzo basketball with the support of a French club (+video) - Agadir 24

Agadir: Anza’s sons restore the glory of Enzo basketball with the support of a French club (+video) – Agadir 24

Akadir 24 | Akadir24

To the acclaim of all, the Anza Children’s Team under the supervision of the Anza Basketball Stars Club and in association with the French basketball club Argenteuil has restored the glory of Anza basketball.

In this case, yesterday, Sunday, August 14, a training course was conducted for the benefit of children under 14 years of age at the basketball court in Bansa Beach. of neighborhood clubs.

In addition, the Anza Basketball Club is expected to organize a second training course on Monday, August 15, for the sports stadiums of the Akadir commune and the “Formation Animateur Sportif de Quartier” for the activists of the sports associations in the city. Supervised by two international experts.
Mr. Bassirou Diem and Mr. Kandol Osinov

From 6:30 pm, Haji Habib Ansa Agadir at the Cultural Complex.

According to a statement issued by the Ansa Basketball Star Club, this training session honors one of the Ansa Basketball players, Abdul Haq Al-Faseeh, a former player and designer of the junior divisions, for his sporting and educational efforts. , in the mid-eighties and early nineties, for the benefit of children and adolescents, honoring former teammate Ahmed Shua.
According to the same communication, the meeting will be the signing of a partnership agreement, cooperation and exchange of experience between the Ansa Basketball Star team and the French basketball team ARGENTEUIL to spread the game among the youth and youth in Ansa. Administered in Agadir in preparation for the sports program represented at the beginning of the Najm Basketball School, this basket is suitable for both boys and girls.

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Commenting on this great sports initiative, First Vice President of Joint Council of Agadir, Mustafa Boutraka, emphasized the urgent need of Agadir for such sports activities throughout the year. For the success of this event.

For his part, Amini Nuredin, Vice President of Ansa Basketball Star, confirmed that the sports event restores the glory of Ansa Basketball Star, which has been suspended for 15 years, with international expertise in the field of basketball. It is used to structure children as well as prepare a team of mentors who will take care of their training later.

For his part, Abdul Rahim Al-Habsa, First Vice President of the Mid-Atlantic Chamber of Fishing, affirmed that the Chamber’s presence in this important initiative is a support to Anza’s sporting activities and a contribution to its development and advancement to advanced levels. .

In his turn, Ahmad Shua, one of the honorees of the event, expressed his gratitude to the organizers and participants of the initiative for developing the athletic skills of Ansa youth and its children, demonstrating a spirit of citizenship and selflessness. Basketball court.
Below is a report on this event.