June 9, 2023

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Agreement in Sudan.. Barrages will join forces with army within 5 days

In a 30-minute discussion, the dispute over the integration of Rapid Support Forces into the Sudanese army appears to have ended with an agreement between the two sides.

An agreement has been reached between the two parties regarding the merger within 5 days in the meeting held at the President’s House on Saturday.

Within 5 days

Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadad reporter added that the meeting agreed to resolve their differences and sign the framework agreement on April sixth.

Disagreements between representatives of the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces over the issue of integration with the armed forces led to the postponement of the signing of the final agreement scheduled for Saturday. , to a later date.

The official spokesman for the political process, Khalid Umar Yusuf, announced in the morning that a meeting will be held today, Saturday, between the civil and military parties and the tripartite mechanism to set a new date for signing the final political agreement. .

Issues were pending

He also mentioned that signature could not be obtained due to lack of consensus on some pending issues.

He also stressed that all parties would continue to engage in serious discussions to overcome recent obstacles on the way to an agreement that would restore the path to civil democratic transition. Intermediate phase in the country.

A solution could not be reached

It is noteworthy that the participants (civilians and military) failed to come up with recommendations on the reform and integration of the armed forces at the Defense and Military Reform Workshop held last Wednesday, March 29. from the Army and other quick support forces.

Road closures in the east before the treaty

Rejecting the political agreement, the Beja Council of Opticians blocked roads in Kassala and Red Sea states in eastern Sudan.

After months of discussions and disagreements, Sudan’s civil and military parties agreed to sign a final political agreement on April 1, draft an interim constitution on the 6th, and begin building an interim authority by the 11th. In the same month, the latest clashes between the army and the RSF postponed those dates in favor of a return to the normal democratic path.

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