March 29, 2023

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Ahlam Mostaganemi: Sharjah ... the stronghold of Arabia

Ahlam Mostaganemi: Sharjah … the stronghold of Arabia

Sharjah: “Gulf”

The Algerian writer and novelist Ahlam Mosteganemi described himself as a causal writer, and most of his literary works speak of the problems and concerns of the Arab world, and he believes that fame is the truth of her revenge and imposed on her. That the writer could not write in the light of the floodlight, her writings in love are reflections and observations through her relationships and observations.

This took place during a session he held with his readers and fans on “The Reader is a Writer” as part of the activities of the exhibition hosted by journalist Mustafa Al-Aqa.

During the session, Mosteganemi expressed his delight at being able to participate in the exhibition, noting that he had his most beautiful memories of this event in Sharjah land, where he had signed up for more than seven hours following the previous session and left the exhibition. 1:30 p.m .; Also, Mustafa al-Aqa responded to his comment about the beauty of his dress by saying that he was in Arab dress in Sharjah out of respect for the Arab stronghold of the United Arab Emirates and that did not happen. It was one of her special ceremonies when she went to cities with special pride in her conscience, such as her hometown Constantine, except for the Arab dress.

Mostaganemi said: “I live in a world of my readers rather than living with my family and children. After everyone who reads me became a writer, I read everything they wrote on my page. I have readers and followers from different countries of the Arab world, knowing that it can change someone’s life a little bit, I dedicate a part of my time to its importance.

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Speaking about social media sites, Mosteganemi said, “I reluctantly entered the world of social media sites. Until recently, I was not the one who managed my pages. Due to the proliferation of many, I was forced to learn how to use them. Pages in my name;

Mosteganemi continued: “Technology has chased us, stole many beautiful pleasures from us, but it has made us accessible to loved ones, but because of that we have become unclean. There is no privacy. We live as if we were chasing ourselves; a photograph; I love my darkness because the writer was not created for light, He is not a star, but rather he should resemble his readers and not be distinguished from them.

He added: “I’m more sensitive to the growing number of contact sites, and it’s necessary to review everything that has not reached millions of people today and the real reviews of this case. That is, there is no point in science.” He also stressed that he did not accept any opportunity to use.

The Algerian novelist concluded his speech by saying: “I accept my reputation as a test of a blessing from which God has honored me, and I endeavor to bear the worries of the Arabs as much as I can and remain faithful. And preserving my autobiography worries me the most, because I have to document all the wars that have drained me, so that I don’t get distorted after I leave, as happened to other writers.