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Ahmad Al Tahmani.. Challenging disability to achieve academic excellence


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His eyes were opened to a nation where sons raced to achieve glory and raise the flag, and he saw with his own eyes how the leadership of the nation allowed superiors to achieve more by giving them respect and support. An example to others, he excelled early on and this was demonstrated at various levels of education, and an accident during his preparatory studies which fate desired left him physically handicapped, from which he emerged with a determination to excel. It has become a rule.


Ahmed’s academic achievements continued despite his illness, until he attained his post-secondary certificate, where he exerted extra efforts to excel in order to achieve his dream of studying law, becoming a lawyer who contributes to the attainment of justice and justice in the state of law. Success and excellence were his allies as he achieved a rate of 98.41% in the Secondary Certificate and topped the rankings of the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah.

Ahmed’s 70-year-old father tells the story of his son’s illness, describing in the first chapter how his son has suffered since childhood, breaking his leg in a fall and then losing him. Unable to walk, move or make any effort, we took him to many doctors, it turned out that he needed expensive treatment, we are a simple family and he appealed to good people and people with a painful heart. Compassionate Hearts help them with the cost of treatment so that he can walk and continue his studies to serve his country and society.

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Dreaming of making his voice heard in achieving justice, Ahmed left the task to a neighbor, unable to even whisper to us his desire to cure his disability and walk again. A resident of the area, Saif Muhammad Al-Tahmani, assured us of the need for the concerned authorities and well-wishers to intervene and treat him to protect and care for a flower blooming in the Emirates Garden. Achieve achievements in the land of achievements


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