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Ahmad Bin Zayed: 350 aircraft in Emirates Airlines fleet by early 2030



Ahmad Bin Zayed: 350 aircraft in Emirates Airlines fleet by early 2030

His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Zayed Al Maktoum, chairman and chief executive of Emirates Airline and Group, said the new order, announced by the carrier during the Dubai Air Show, is worth $52 billion for 95 additional aircraft. Expansion plans and connecting Dubai to many destinations around the world. In line with Emirates Airlines’ strategy to operate modern wide-body aircraft, he pointed out that Flydubai has signed a deal to purchase the Boeing 787 Dreamliner wide-body aircraft. Diversify the fleet, improve service to Dubai and connect it to more destinations.

During a meeting with the Arab media, the purchase agreements signed by Emirates Airlines and Flydubai are an important part of achieving the goals of the Dubai Economic Agenda and positioning Dubai and its airlines at the forefront of the world.

Regarding the decision to purchase the Airbus A350 during the Dubai Air Show, Emirates Airlines said it was in ongoing talks with the aircraft manufacturers and the carrier had requested to purchase 777X aircraft during this year’s exhibition session. … In light of the delays experienced by the department and previous circumstances, it has not received any previous orders of the same model.

In light of the discussions between Emirates Airlines and the aircraft manufacturers, the carrier will not sign any contracts for the purchase of any aircraft unless good conditions are obtained, stressing that “we will not sign unless we get suitable conditions”.

Expansion plans

His Highness pointed out that the new aircraft orders will support the carrier’s expansion plans, which expect Emirates’ fleet to cover around 350 aircraft by the early 2030s.

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He said that Emirates Airlines will continue to serve existing markets and open new destinations in the future and will continue to be at the forefront of adopting the latest technology to improve services and products and provide customers with an unparalleled travel experience. Development in Aviation Industry.

The Emirates Airlines fleet is considered the newest and most advanced in the world, and currently has 260 aircraft, all of which are wide-body aircraft (Airbus A380) and (Boeing 777), the carrier said. Airbus will receive A350 aircraft in the middle of this year.


Emirates Airlines has set aside about 735 million dirhams for research and development projects related to sustainability, in addition to implementing pilot projects to use sustainable jet fuel on the Boeing 777, Emirates Airlines said, and plans to operate the first test flight. With the A380, one of its engines runs on 100% sustainable aviation fuel.

Regarding the delay in getting the 737 Max aircraft to Flydubai, he said it was important to get his new aircraft within a certain time frame, serving the fleet and operations.

His Highness explained that the new Boeing 777 is the Boeing 777 and A380 models.


He emphasized that the Dubai Airshow, during its 18 sessions, has strengthened its position over the past years, having changed from a small exhibition in its beginnings to becoming one of the most important specialized exhibitions in the world’s aviation industry. The importance of this exhibition came due to the development of the aviation industry at the level of airports and the growth of national airlines in the country.

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He expects the momentum of the aviation sector in the UAE to continue in the coming years, and discussions are underway with Dubai Airshow organizers to increase exhibition space and accommodate demand from exhibitors and attendees at each session. , and its area is expected to increase during the next session of the fair.

He said that Dubai’s adoption of the Open Skies policy is a successful example of the aviation industry that has brought Emirates Airlines and Flydubai to their current status and fleet size.

He added that the aviation industry in Dubai will continue to grow within the framework of competition and openness policy.

open sky

He pointed out that the open skies policy that Dubai has adopted since the inception of “Emirates Airlines” is one of the main reasons for the carrier and with it “Flydubai” now reaching global status. In terms of fleet, development and performance or quality of services, Dubai emphasizes its commitment to and continued adherence to this policy.

He stressed that Emirates Airlines’ growth will continue for the next 10 years from its headquarters at Dubai International Airport.


On Emirates Airlines and Flydubai immigration, he praised the national leaders and skills currently employed by the two carriers, noting that both carriers are always working to increase Emiratisation programs and hire national staff to lead these companies in the future. .

Pointing out that Emirates Airlines is working to use artificial intelligence technologies carefully and introduce them in certain areas such as pilot training and improving customer experience, His Highness indicated that trust in these technologies will gradually increase in the future.

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His Highness affirmed Emirates Airlines’ confidence in the capabilities of the new contracted aircraft as they will shape the future of the fleet for years to come. The orders are aimed at maintaining Emirates’ seating capacity.


Regarding the aviation sector’s contribution to Dubai’s output and its role in achieving the Dubai Economic Agenda, he pointed out that the aviation sector contributes significantly to Dubai’s GDP, directly or indirectly, in achieving the Dubai Economic Agenda. (D33), considered as one of its pillars. is essential to achieving the ambitious goals of this agenda.

Regarding the factors behind the quick return to profitability following the “Covid-19” pandemic, he said that deliberate quick return to operations after the pandemic was a major factor in the recovery of operational activities and the company’s return to profitability. For other measures taken by the company to manage costs.


He expects Emirates Group to post financial results in the second half of the current financial year in line with what it posted in the first half. Favorable circumstances.”

Emirates Group has announced its best half-year financial results in its history. For the first half of the current 2023-2024 financial year, the group posted a net profit of 10.1 billion dirhams.

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5 Top Priorities to Combat Climate Change in Africa



5 Top Priorities to Combat Climate Change in Africa

African civil society has identified five key priorities for combating climate change: adaptation, losses and damages, food and land use systems, and forest conservation and restoration.

This was announced by UNANDA Third World Executive Secretary Chekov Sir during an event held on the sidelines of the United Nations Climate Conference “COP28” in Dubai.

The “Anda Third World” organization represents a group of African non-governmental organizations, and these organizations met within the framework of a common platform, which was launched during the “COP”, an alliance of the African Development Bank Group and civil society. Climate and Energy.

African Development Bank president Akinwumi Adesina said: “The continent must benefit from its natural wealth. African economies should not be measured by their GDP, while Africa’s wealth should be assessed by its natural capital.”

“The continent’s vast mineral resources, forests and renewable energy must play a part in the balance,” he added, pointing out that the Congo Basin is the world’s largest carbon reserve, but is not taken into account in the overall assessment. Domestic production of countries in the region.

The coalition supports calls by African leaders to transfer special drawing rights on climate finance to Africa, including the African Development Bank.

The coalition calls on the international community, governments and development partners to comprehensively implement best practices, innovations and technologies and engage farmers and local communities, especially women and youth, in an approach that integrates science and traditional knowledge without harming biodiversity. or compromising community resilience.

He called on parties to ensure that adaptation and resilience are at the heart of African economies vulnerable to climate change.

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The Bank’s Vice President, Agriculture, Human and Social Development, Beth Dunford, confirmed during a discussion with civil society that the alliance is “very important” for Africa, noting that the Bank allocates 64% of its funding to adapt to climate change. continent, and it has now opened a window for climate action aimed at providing specific resources and technical assistance to least developed countries on the continent.

For his part, Alliance President Augustine Njamanshi praised the relationship between development finance institutions, civil society and the private sector in combating climate change in Africa.

“Doubling adaptation financing will not be enough for the continent because governments have already spent a lot of money,” he said, adding that civil society and the private sector, especially banks, must work together for the continent’s benefit.

In turn, Ecotrades Fund Executive Director Pauline Nantungo Kalunda said, “Civil society and the private sector’s collaborative work has enabled 15,000 smallholder farmers to plant trees to increase carbon storage,” calling for the removal of barriers. Prevent communities from accessing climate finance.

Mithika Mwenda, President of the Pan-African Climate Justice Alliance, a strong network of over 1,000 African climate organizations, emphasized the catalytic role of civil society and praised the partnership with the Bank.

“Government, the private sector and civil society are forming a ‘parallel’ in the fight against climate change in this coastal country,” said Roger Barrow, Burkina Faso’s environment minister.

• The African Development Bank allocates 64% of its financing to climate change on the continent.

5 Priorities:

– adaptation.

– Losses.

– Damages.

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– Food and land use systems.

– Conservation and restoration of forests.

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The UAE has long-term strategies for environmental sustainability



The UAE has long-term strategies for environmental sustainability

According to a study conducted by the Regional Center for Strategic Analyzes in Abu Dhabi, sustainability strategies and tackling climate change are at the top of the national action agenda in the UAE. The UAE’s contributions and initiatives during COP 28 gained greater regional and international momentum, support for achieving a better harmonized formula for environmental protection and sustainability, and international pledges to allocate hundreds of billions of dollars to finance climate and sustainable projects.
Interregional said the UAE is making progress in strengthening its environmental leadership by investing tens of billions of dollars and providing legislation, regulatory frameworks, initiatives and policies to address climate change. Participation in dozens of contracts and initiatives around the world.
In this context, Interregional released the “UAE Environmental Achievement Index 2023” to monitor and track the performance of the country’s environmental initiatives in the field of environment and climate, measuring and monitoring 32 sub-indicators since its inception. “UAE Vision 2021” in 2010 to 2022. He also gave predictions till the year 2030.
The Environmental Performance Index is the arithmetic mean of four sub-indicators, namely: climate change, biodiversity, maintenance of a healthy and clean environment and environmental awareness and behaviour, as per the guidelines for developing composite indicators issued by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).
The center emphasized that the UAE’s approach to climate change has become a priority for government action, in an effort to be “zero climate neutral” and invest in green resources. In this aspect. He explained that there are many motives and reasons behind the UAE’s high priority of addressing the phenomenon of climate change. This comes in the backdrop of the state’s keenness to achieve its strategic plans on climate change. Among the key concepts that have made climate change a government priority are the catastrophic effects worldwide, in particular: droughts and floods, inundation of cities, waves of displacement, damage to agriculture and infrastructure, and degradation. Global food security crises.
The UAE has adopted a comprehensive approach to addressing the climate change crisis, seeking to achieve environmental sustainability through an integrated legislative and regulatory framework, in coordination and cooperation with the international community in this regard. Approach: Localize clean energy, adopt peaceful nuclear energy and support climate legislation and knowledge frameworks, and coordinate with the international and regional community to support international efforts to address climate change. To achieve climate neutrality by 2050, the UAE has won the trust of the international community to host COP28 from here.

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Chagr Kobash discusses strengthening bilateral relations with the head of the Moroccan Council of Councillors



Chagr Kobash discusses strengthening bilateral relations with the head of the Moroccan Council of Councillors

Dubai: “The Gulf”

The Speaker of the Federal National Council, Zachr Kobash, met with the Speaker of the House of Councilors, Al-Nam Mayara, in the sister kingdom of Morocco, during his participation in the International Parliamentary Assembly at the twenty-eighth session of the conference. States Parties to the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP28) taking place at Dubai Expo City.

Ways of enhancing bilateral cooperation, improving communication and coordination on various issues of common interest, importance of visits and exchange of experiences, enhancing parliamentary coordination and consultation were discussed. It serves the interests of the two brotherly countries and peoples as per the vision of future opportunities in various fields between the two countries.

The Chairman of the Council of Advisors, Al-Nam Mayara, and the accompanying delegation were welcomed by Sakr Kobash, who appreciated their participation in the International Parliamentary Assembly within the twenty-eighth session of the Conference of States Parties to the United Nations Convention on Climate Change. The Federal National Council brings together all parliamentarians and focuses on practical solutions to achieve sustainable results. Our initiatives and conference outcomes link to the main conference, highlighting the important role parliamentarians can play in global issues.

Kobash pointed out that the UAE is keen to fight climate change in the region and globally and is the first Gulf country to sign the Paris Agreement. Climate neutrality by 2050 and it now owns three of the largest solar power plants in the region.

Al-Nam Mayara, for his part, emphasized the depth of deep-rooted and established historical brotherly ties that unite the Kingdom of Morocco and the Emirates as a sister country and their cooperation in many fields.

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Mayara praised the success of the organization of the Federal National Council and the hosting of the COP28 conference and the efforts announced by the UAE in support of climate change issues and its efforts in the fields of sustainable development, innovation, artificial intelligence, space. and the empowerment of women and youth.

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