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Mars is a science city located in the Dubai desert


Discover Dubai Science City Plan this week! Outside Dubai, in the desert, the United Arab Emirates wants to create a city of 177,000 square meters to reproduce the living conditions of Mars. To build houses, architects used 3D printing and desert sand. Next, we present to you the relativistic space program aimed at creating the first 3D printed rocket. Finally, Adidas is releasing its pair of 4DFWD shoes, the only one with 3D printing. Anyway, Happy New Year to you all!

Top 1: Dubai Mars Science City: As part of the Emirates Mars 2117 project aimed at establishing a colony on Mars within a century, Architectural firm BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) released the Mars Science City Plan. Situated in the desert outside Dubai, the 177,000-square-meter city simulates the life of Mars with cutting-edge technology and innovative features.. The city’s modular houses were printed with 3D desert sand, and their construction was facilitated by advanced robotic weapons:

Top 2: The first 3D-printed rocket: With more than $ 600 million in fundraising, Relative Space wants to build a rocket entirely through merger production. Called the Terron R, this rocket is similar in size and speed to the Falcon 9 of SpaceX. However, thanks to 3D printing, they can be made faster and with fewer components. According to Reliance Space, if production is simplified, this is mainly thanks to metal 3D printing, which in particular allows to reduce production costs:

Top 3: Use of adidas and 3D printing: For his pair of shoes Adidas 4DFWD, The German brand has again teamed up with 3D printer maker Carbon. Together they formed a separate According to Adidas, the shoe allows athletes to push forward when hitting the ground. To implement this project, they used Digital Light Synthesis technology, which is similar to Digital Light Process (DLP). For now, the shoe is available in two color variants, Core Black and Solar Red, and a new package will be released on July 1 to celebrate the Olympics:

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Top 4: Use of 3D printing by Sekner Group: Founded in 1965, the Sekner team today focuses primarily on aeronautics. Thanks to 3D printing, the French company is trying to differentiate itself from its competitors, especially thanks to the flexibility offered by the technology. 3D printing allows the Seckner team to meet a variety of needs, for example in tool production, This gives the company the opportunity to have a reactive product, so different prototypes can be tested:

Top 5: Original One 3D Printer: Origin, Acquired by Stratosis at the end of last year, Relies on programmable light-curing. According to the manufacturer, this process, Also called B³ Reduces production time and development costs while providing quality parts. For example, the Origin One 3D printer, which is based on this technology, allows you to produce sized parts with precision and speed, all with a wide range of resins. In addition, there is the axle size of the machine 192 x 108 x 350 mm and Benefit from quick post processing:

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