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Ahmed Al-Zain: I expect “Death 3” to be a significant success.


Beirut: Hayam al-Sayed

In the third season of the series “For Death” the great Lebanese star Ahmed El-Sein appeared, and he finished filming his scenes in it, promising many surprises and expecting a bigger success than the success of the first and second parts. .. With a long, rich and varied artistic experience between theater, television, cinema and radio, El-Sean bears the slogan “The” and maintains his successes and brilliance in each and every role he plays. Acting is not the height of creativity in acting.” We ask him.

* Appearing in the third season.. Do you expect the third season of “For Death” to be as successful as the first and second parts?

– I expect that the third season of the series “For Death” will achieve significant success and be even bigger than the success achieved in its first and second parts, because the new part will be interesting and full of surprises and events 3 years after the events of the second part ended .. Nadine Jaber is an amazing and creative Philip Asmer has written the text and directed it with a unique vision.As for the production, it is a credit to “Eagle Films”. Great at handling and respecting the work and its creators.

* What is the difference between actor Ahmed Al-Zain and a human being?

– During the filming, I was not Ahmed Al-Zain, but instead abandoned him and went to the side of the character I was playing.

* Is it true that he refused to participate in the new series with 90 episodes?

Yes, the series will be shot in Turkey, and I can’t stay alone in a hotel for 9 months, and this situation is not suitable for this stage of my life, except that I am financially sufficient and I live on my own every day. , and I have enough for five years if I do not participate in any work.

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* After 57 years in the acting industry, your artistic history of creativity and gift, is there a particular role that you would have loved to have played and not played?

– Yes, but age did not allow me, I dreamed of presenting the role of the fighter Che Guevara.

* Your acting experiences varied between cinema, theater and television, and you were also known as the character “Ibn al-Balad” in your radio shows that appeared on more than one Lebanese radio station. In which of these areas do you fulfill yourself the most?

– I am the only Lebanese actor who does not consider theater as the most important field, as I have been successful in all the fields I have participated in: cinema, theater, television. “I even made people cry on radio with Ibn’s character. Al-Balad”.

* How do you talk about your experience in Syrian theater, especially since there are so many of them in your repertoire?

– In Syria, I have lived for 10 years and participated in 44 Syrian series, so I am still a magician of the people.

* What is your position on the debate of who is better between an educated actor based on talent and an uneducated actor?

Talent is the foundation and until I die I shall never forget the merits of Nicholas Daniel in “The Martyr Ibn al-Balad”, with whom I also collaborated with the late Yaqub al-Shatrawi in “The Teacher and the Torture”. “This is the work of Ahmad al-Jein” until I succeeded in presenting the work associated with my name. There is a difference between graduates of God blessed acting institutes and graduates of “parrot institutes”! And I tend to be gifted.. I belong to the school of Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, Robert De Niro, Marlon Brando, Ahmed Zaki, Abdullah Kait and Mahmoud Morsi.

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