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Airbus abandons deal with Qatar Airways


An amicable solution to the commercial dispute between Airbus and Qatar Airways has not been reached, with the European planemaker cutting off the remainder of the contract between the two companies and canceling the delivery of 19 A-350 aircraft.
After the delivery of 50 A-321s was canceled in January, Airbus terminated the remainder of its contract with Qatar Airways, which required the delivery of 19 A-350s, a source familiar with the file said. Corroborates the information provided by the press.

Neither Airbus nor the Qatari team wanted to immediately comment on the report.

The case dates back to August 2021, when the Qatar Civil Aviation Authority ordered Qatar Airways to ground 13 Airbus A-350 aircraft due to rapidly deteriorating conditions.

Since then, the number of grounded flights has risen to 23, and as of the last count in April, Qatar Airways has sought compensation of $200,000 per flight for each day the flight is grounded.

But “Airbus” is challenging Qatari authorities and finding the airline, one of its biggest customers.

The situation has no impact on aircraft safety, with Airbus admitting that there is paint damage that could expose an integral metal grill intended to protect the aircraft during a lightning strike.

The European Aviation Safety Agency confirms that these paint defects do not pose any risk to the operation of the aircraft.

Qatar Airways, for its part, has asked the Supreme Court in London for compensation of $618 million in addition to compensation for the grounding of the planes.

The trial is scheduled for June 2023. Meanwhile, Airbus canceled an order for Qatar Airways for 50 A-321s worth more than $6 billion.

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