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Aktia launches EZAD, the first site for date auction


Abu Dhabi (Etihad)

Aktia Group, the largest food and beverage manufacturer in the region, yesterday announced the launch of the EZAD platform for electronic auctions. Thus facilitating wholesale trading of dates.
The EZad platform makes buying and selling dates quick, transparent, and profitable for all parties involved in the sales process. The site promises to increase the productivity of farmers’ palms and improve the quality of dates, while helping bulk buyers of dates grow their business by making their business easier.
In the first phase of the site’s work, it will focus on its activities in marketing farmers ’dates from the UAE, and the platform listing process begins in the current harvest season, beginning last week, with plans for expansion to reach other markets at other stages of the site’s work.
The journey of the platform farmers begins when their dates are listed on EZAD, which certifies these dates in accordance with reliable and recognized standards in local and international markets based on extensive experience and tradition. The reputation enjoyed by Al Pho Dates.
Auctions will be open at “EZAD” for 48 hours for buyers around the world. Allows buyers to search and filter a list of dates based on their preferences by date, price, and category. Quantity and quality required.
Buyers can get their dates, purchased from one of the “eZad” warehouses, or choose one of the value-added services offered on the platform, including storage, packaging, loading, smoking, washing and delivery of dates to different areas. Of the world.
Alan Smith, CEO of Aktia Group, said: “The ESAT platform was created to achieve transparency while ensuring standards for the up-to-date industry by relying on the technology and services we provide. By providing this direct link, hidden cost margins will be eliminated, as well as travel costs will be reduced, providing a cost-effective solution for buyers.
Smith added: “This specially designed site aims to address the weaknesses experienced by various parties in value chains related to dates, especially as we will always focus on our farmers and customers in everything we do and continue to do so to ensure fair returns and economic benefits for all.”
The EZad site aims to provide leading sales channels to farmers, while at the same time providing a complete and hassle-free experience to buyers.

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