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Al-Ahly has a comprehensive transformation towards the football team and its technical staff in the coming years (video)


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07 June 2022 22:21 GMT

Updated: June 08 2022 2:10 GMT

Sports journalist Ahmed Schubert expects soon-to-be-changed changes in the technical and management structure of the Al-Ahly club.

Through his sports program on Tuesday, Schubert said: “There is a case of question marks or questions through a meeting between the board of directors of al-Ahly, led by Mahmoud al-Qadib and Pitso Musemani. Zoom, what I did, the meeting is scheduled for two days, Musemani will come. “Next Thursday, Cairo questioned the Al-Ahly authorities because I have a match on the 12th in the Egypt Cup, which is from the 30th to the 9th of June, so this Absent for a long time.

Schubert added: “You feel there are question marks in it, and some said: Will the meeting see the end of the relationship? Certainly not, but it does see a strong and violent dialogue, away from statements and words, but witnessing the strong words of the football association and the planning industry, and I personally criticize the length and crowd of the holiday for players. Serious transparency between Mosimane and various Al-Ahly administrations.

Schubert continued: “There will be a comprehensive policy change in the coming period in terms of the football team and its technical staff. It’s important to build trust between the two.

In a statement issued after the meeting with al-Ahly Musimani, Mahmoud al-Ghadeeb, the club’s president, said: “Through the (Zoom) program, Pitso Musimani discussed some of the management and technical issues related to the first football team. Musemani, who said he would return to Cairo on Friday, did not conclude today’s meeting due to health issues, and there will be another meeting after his arrival to finalize preparations for the next stage. “

On Tuesday, al-Ahly defeated the Air Defense Force by five goals in a friendly match as part of preparations to resume local action after the international break.

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Al-Ahly will play al-Masri al-Salum in the 32nd round of the current Egypt Cup.

While al-Ahly will return to league matches on the 15th of this month, it will play in an postponed match against Eastern Company.

Al-Ahly recently lost the African Champions League title to Morocco after losing to Widodo in the final of the African Champions League at the Mohamed V Stadium in Casablanca, where the Reds lost by two goals.

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