May 30, 2023

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“Al-Bayan” continues the “Always Be Well” campaign to promote mental health

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As a continuation of the “Al-Bayan” campaign to promote mental health, which was launched on August eighth last year and titled “Always Be Well”, it reached a wide range of social and official contacts. Spotlight on the UAE’s initiatives in promoting mental health, challenges and opportunities in society.. “Al-Bayan” continues its campaign this year on the platform “Twitter”, highlighting the UAE’s interest in improving mental health and quality of life. Based on the fact that a society that enjoys good mental health can continue to complete development projects.

During the dialogue session, the great interest the UAE has attached to the issue of mental health during the Covid-19 pandemic will be discussed, through support and assistance programs for community members and the introduction of a national policy to promote mental health. In addition to digital solutions in the field of mental and psychological health.

The role of mental health in raising the productivity of community members in various fields of work, monitoring the feasibility and effects of national mental health programs in the family and the reflection of these programs on the stability of children of these families. Keeping pace with the laws and regulations in the country for support programs and projects, the mental health system in the community and the degree of flexibility of these laws to understand the needs of incorporating these programs will be addressed. It highlights the extent to which research and studies contribute to strengthening the mental health system for all spectrums of society and to ensure continuous development and renewal in its programs and projects in society.

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Dr. Yusuf Al-Tayer, Director of Obaidullah Hospital in Ras Al Khaimah, Amal Al Balushi, Director of the National Program for Happiness and Quality of Life at the Ministry of Social Development, Dr. Khanem Al- will participate in the panel discussion. Hassani, a consultant psychiatrist at a health institute in Abu Dhabi, psychiatrist Dr. Adel Karani and psychiatrist Dr. Bassem Badr, consultant psychiatrist at Ras Al Khaimah Hospital and professor of psychiatry at Ras Al Khaimah University, Dr. Talat Matar, Dr. Muhammad Al Ahbabi, an Emirati doctor, author and psychiatric researcher, and Maryam Alai led the media session.

Social interaction

It is noteworthy that the “Always Be Well” campaign launched by “Al-Bayan” last year reached wide social and official contacts, through which “Al-Bayan” provided 111 reports and visual content, and highlighted the role of influential media. In addition to supporting efforts in raising awareness of mental health, he also expressed the importance of Arab media adopting such awareness campaigns, stressing the role of national media in serving social issues. It also highlights the importance of providing and maintaining comprehensive mental health care.